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Combat Weaponcraft

Mentally Ill?

Manufactured "epidemics?"

Stalin, and his successors, routinely declared political opponents, even
mild critics, "mentally ill," and subsequently disenfranchised them,
eventually forcing them into gulags (masquerading as "mental hospitals") Most
were never seen again, their "mental illness" being apparently "incurable!"
An army of psychologists was recruited, and terrorized into endorsing the
Administration's sinister plans for these individuals.

Modern-day leftists, currently in charge here, are now moving in the same

The Ad the NFL Doesn't Want You to See

Ankle Holsters

Ankle Holsters:

For several years, I've been carrying my copy of the Kahr PM45, as my
backup pistol. Small, flat, and short, and loaded with Cor-Bon 185gr DPX
ammunition, it makes a wonderful little six-shooter.

I've been carrying it, very comfortably, in a Comp-Tac IWB holster on my
support (left) side. However, with two guns, plus spare magazine, and
First-Light Tomahawk flashlight, my waistband is heavy.

My good friend, Tom Kulwicki, who now runs Alessi Holsters in NY (since the
passing of my old friend and colleague, Lou Alessi, in 2009) recently sent

Don't Wait!

On your own!

The news today is that the TSA officer who was wounded, and ultimately died, during the LAX shooting incident of 31 Oct 13, probably bled to death, and probably could have been saved, had competent aid gotten to him in a timely manner. Nearly all of the victims at the Columbine school shooting in 1999 died in a similar manner, and for the same reason.

Elbit C Music Anti-Aircraft

Introducing WildCat