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Gun Rights

Georgia Gov. signs expanded carry law

Georgia governor signs expanded carry law

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal today signed legislation that will expand where law-abiding citizens can carry firearms in the state, including some government buildings, and even churches if the church allows.


Article by Dave Workman

'Everytown' anti-gunners to demonstrate against NRA in Indy

‘Everytown’ anti-gunners plan Indy demonstration countering NRA convention

The Indiana-based founder of a national gun control group that is part of Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown for Gun Safety” lobbying effort announced today that she will lead a demonstration against the National Rifle Association this Saturday as the organization gathers in Indianapolis for its 143rd annual meetings.


Article by Dave Workman

Chicago's top cop doesn't believe in magic, just gun control

Chicago Supt. McCarty says ‘No magic formula,” but wants more gun laws

Following a bloody Easter weekend in Chicago, Police Supt. Garry McCarthy seemed self-contradictory yesterday when he told the CBS affiliate there is “no magic formula” for reducing the violence, but told the NBC affiliate that “We need help with the gun laws.”


Article by Dave Workman

Looks like we were had by "cybersquatting" activists

Gun activists who out-drew Bloomberg are ‘cybersquatting,’ says ‘Everytown’ official

Gun rights activists who temporarily beat billionaire Michael Bloomberg to the draw with “Everytown for Gun Safety” Facebook pages are “cybersquatting….”


Article by Dave Workman

Bill Clinton reportedly to headline gun control fundraiser

Clinton reportedly to headline gun control fundraiser on eve of NRA convention

Former President Bill Clinton is reportedly scheduled to headline a fundraiser Wednesday night in New York City for former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ gun control organization, Americans for Responsible Solutions, according to Politico, just as the City of Indianapolis rolls out the welcome mat for the National Rifle Association’s 143rd annual convention.



Retired Supreme Court Justice Would Re-Write Second Amendment
By Harold Hutchison

John Paul Stevens was on the losing side of the Heller vs. District of Colombia case where the Supreme Court threw out Washington D.C.’s ban on handguns, in the process declaring that the Second Amendment protected an individual right to own firearms. Now, the retired Supreme Court justice wants to re-write the Second Amendment.

Exclusive: How the grassroots bested Bloomy

Exclusive: How true ‘grassroots’ activists bested Bloomberg

When anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg announced 48 hours ago the launch of his $50 million “grassroots” gun control campaign, it took genuine grassroots gun rights activists only a few hours to create a major embarrassment for the ex-mayor’s new “Everytown for Gun Safety” (EGS) by grabbing the name, registering it on hundreds of Facebook pages, and creating a tsunami-sized backlash against this new anti-gun effort.


GOA Slams Bloomberg and Justice Stevens for their Idiotic Ideas on the 2nd Amendment

While gun owners dramatically winning the culture war
“The founders did not establish a right to bear arms,” GOA’s Erich Pratt was quoted as saying to Newsmax.  “They assumed it already existed [and] said that it ‘shall not be infringed.’ [But] gun-control advocates frequently want to skip over those words.” 

Truth, lies and guerilla politics over gun control v. 'gun safety'

Truth, lies and guerilla politics over gun control v. ‘gun safety’

Following yesterday’s launch by Michael Bloomberg of his $50 million “Everytown for Gun Safety” political machine, an enterprising team of gun rights activists struck preemptively by registering that name on Facebook, and today the Seattle P-I.com’s Joel Connelly put the dueling initiatives battle in Washington State in its proper perspective…


Article by Dave Workman