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Gun Rights

Cases show 'background check' futility

Two cases exemplify shortfalls of ‘universal background checks’

Two pending criminal cases in Seattle – one reported yesterday by the Seattle P-I.com and the other from early last week on the Seattle Police Blotter – underscore the futility of so-called “universal background checks” because the suspects in both capers have criminal records, and both cases involve guns that were not obtained through legitimate channels.


Article by Dave Workman


Ukrainian Gun Owners Seek Protection of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
By Harold Hutchison

Ukrainian gun owners are seeking to enact a version of the Second Amendment into that country’s constitution. The call for the provision comes shortly after Viktor Yanukovych was forced out of office, and fled Kiev for Kharkov.

According to reports by Breitbart News, the Ukrainian Gun Owners Association declared that it would push for what they called “an unconditional right” for “Ukrainian citizens to bear arms.”

Anti-gun Cal. senator faces charges; SCOTUS turns down 3 cases for review

Anti-gun Calif. state senator to face corruption charges


Still Retains Restrictive Policy
By Harold Hutchison

Despite a court ruling that struck down its restrictive policy on issuing concealed-carry permits, San Diego County is still requiring “good cause” for the permits.

Piers pulling plug...Bombastic Brit bidding buh bye

CNN pulling Piers’ plug, or playing ratings game?

The New York Times reported yesterday, and the Times of London confirmed earlier today that CNN and Piers Morgan may be parting company, only four days after this column questioned if it was time he went home, and provided readers with a link to send their sentiments to the cable network.


Article by Dave Workman


19 States Target “Good Cause” Requirement
By Harold Hutchison

Nineteen states have filed briefs asking the Supreme Court to review a court ruling that allowed New Jersey’s restrictive laws regarding concealed carry to stand.

"This decision out of New Jersey impacts the right to keep and bear arms outside of the home," Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead said earlier this week. "So, I felt it was necessary to have the attorney general support a petition to the Supreme Court to hear this case.”


Orange County Complies with Court Ruling
By Harold Hutchison

Orange County, California, which is located near Los Angeles, is now complying with a court ruling that struck down the “good cause” requirement for the issuance of concealed carry permits.

According to a report from the Washington Times, Sandra Hutchens, the sheriff of Orange County, has announced that permits will now be issued for those who seek them for personal defense – and that they will no longer be required to “explain and provide good cause for issuance of the license.”

Justice Dept. OIG to "review" ATF sting ops

Justice Dept. IG launches ATF storefront sting ‘review’

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced yesterday that he will “review” controversial storefront “sting” operations conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in four cities, not to include a case in Gresham, Ore., that was detailed last month by the Portland Oregonian.


Article by Dave Workman

Is it time for Piers to pull the plug and pound sand?

Mauled in ratings, knocked by Nancy, should Piers Morgan go home?

Piers Morgan, the man American gun owners love to hate, has taken another ratings pounding according to a story posted today on Deadline.com, and this comes barely 48 hours after the bombastic Brit got an on-air tongue-lashing about his gun control extremism from Nancy Grace.


Article by Dave Workman