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Notes Organized Crime, Street Gangs Serve as Conduits
By Harold Hutchison

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has issued a report describing how Mexican cartels and street gangs are being used as conduits by people from countries in Africa and Asia, including terror havens like Somalia. The report also provides a cost figure for those entering the U.S. illegally: $7500.

Another law enforcement death from Fast & Furious

Another law enforcement death from Fast & Furious

The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday that a rifle connected to the Operation Fast & Furious scandal was used in the murder of a Mexican police chief earlier this year in the state of Jalisco…


Article by Dave Workman

Thank You for Tying up the Capitol Hill Phone Lines on the Anti-gun Amnesty Bill

Your voice has made a difference!

“One thing that’s not being reported about this whole immigration thing is the degree to which it’s opposed by the people in this country,” said Rush Limbaugh. “You try calling, you can’t get through [because] you are inundating them. You are overwhelming them.”

The U.S. Senate passed the anti-gun amnesty bill today on a 68-32 vote.

Through this long, hard fight, you guys tied up the Capitol Hill phone lines in opposition to the bill. And your voice has resonated, much to the chagrin of the anti-gun politicos on Capitol Hill.

Harry Reid Buys Anti-gun Votes from his "Secret Room"

Harry Reid Buys Anti-gun Votes from his
"Secret Room"
This battle is ObamaCare II

“The most annoying thing is the phone calls.” - a Senior Senate Staffer commenting on the effectiveness of thousands of phone calls pouring into their offices (June 21, 2013)


Unswayed by Corker-Hoeven Amendment
By Harold Hutchison

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) National Council has urged Senators to oppose the amnesty bill pushed by the “Gang of Eight” despite the addition of the Corker-Hoeven Amendment.

Senators Hoeven and Corker Wave the White Flag of Surrender

Senators Hoeven and Corker Wave the
White Flag of Surrender
Gun owners must oppose their sell-out amendment

Senators John Hoeven (R-ND) and Bob Corker (R-TN) have made anti-gun New York Senator Chuck Schumer a very happy man. They are frantically working to give Schumer the 70 votes he needs to send his amnesty bill to the House with momentum.

And, if that bill were to be signed into law, it would add 8.4 million anti-gun voters to the rolls, and make gun registration, bans, and confiscation inevitable within 20 years.

Here’s where we stand:

We're Winning on Guns and Amnesty

We're Winning on Guns and Amnesty
But we need to cut off Obama’s escape routes

“The reason President Obama's gun control proposals were killed [is] because hundreds of thousands of Americans began slamming the phone lines, and all of the Senators that were leaning towards supporting it suddenly said, ‘Holy cow, the folks back home don't like this.’ [There] is nothing more powerful than the conservative grassroots when we are engaged and letting our voice be heard.”
-- Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), June 19, 2013


Agreement Calls for 700 Miles of Border Fence, More Border Agents
By Harold Hutchison

A “deal” may be in the works on the amnesty bill being pushed by the Senate’s “Gang of Eight.” Among the provisions of the deal are the construction of a border fence along 700 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border, nearly doubling the size of Customs and Border Patrol by hiring 20,000 more agents, and acquiring unmanned aerial vehicles.


Nine Arrests in Sweep
By Harold Hutchison

Federal agents arrested nine managers and owners who had used the Social Security numbers of children and dead people to hire illegal aliens to work at 7-11 convenience stores. As many as 50 illegals were hired in the scheme.

The arrests were the culmination of a decade-long investigation. The owners had forced the employees to live in housing they owned.