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Hidden cache found and destroyed in Baghlan

A cache of rocket propelled grenades and mortar rounds was found and destroyed by the Afghan National Army and coalition special operations forces in Baghlan-I Jadid district, Sept. 23.

The cache, which contained more than 30 mortar rounds and 5 RPGs, was found near a major road in a hidden tunnel estimated to be at least 500 meters long.

According to a coalition SOF team member the tunnel allowed insurgents a place to stockpile weapons and explosives and also provided a place to hide and avoid detection from Afghan National Security Forces and Coalition Forces.

Joint air assault operation leads to disruption of insurgent networks

Afghan National Security Forces partnered with coalition forces, conducted a two-day air assault operation, Sept. 12-14, to disrupt insurgent networks in the area, while being engaged multiple times by insurgent small-arms fire, then detaining one insurgent, and killing another.

The ANA’s 201st Corp committed to driving out insurgents in Laghman

Soldiers from the 1st Brigade, 201st Corp, Afghan National Army along with soldiers of the 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, improve security and disrupt insurgent networks in western Laghman province by performing a week-long operation in several valleys around Ali shing district.

The partnered operation to disrupt insurgent activity resulted in the finding of five caches, the capture of three suspected insurgents as well as killing 10 insurgents, and wounding several more in the process.

Full-spectrum training tests Europe's forces together

In a world where change is routine, the 30th Medical Command (30th MEDCOM) plans for the unexpected. That's why Lt. Col. Peder Swanson, deputy plans officer at 30th MEDCOM, says his unit's Soldiers are participating in the new type of exercise at Grafenwoehr Training Area Oct. 3-27.

Europe's quick reaction force, the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team with members from Vicenza, Italy, and Schweinfurt and Bamberg, Germany, will conduct a brigade attack, offensive, defensive and stability operations, while training with more than 1,000 multinational forces.

Dress Rehearsal: Marines prep for U.S. Africa Command deployment

On the afternoon of Sept. 19, in a stack of tan shipping containers meant to resemble a mosque, a group of grown men are using their imaginations.

About 130 Marines from Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force 2012, a newly formed unit preparing to deploy in support of U.S. Africa Command, are here to complete a mission rehearsal exercise. The event serves as a kind of final exam before SPMAGTF-12 goes overseas to start conducting training partnership missions across the continent.

Army Completes Chemical Stockpile Destruction

The Anniston Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (ANCDF), located at Anniston Army Depot (ANAD), Ala., yesterday completed the disposal of the chemical weapons stockpile stored at ANAD.

The ANCDF is a subordinate element of the U.S. Army Chemical Materials Agency (CMA). Headquartered at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., CMA has the mission to provide safe, secure storage of the Nation's chemical weapons and to safely destroy 90 percent of the Nation's chemical weapons stockpile.

Marines clear Fort Pickett’s Urban Assault Course

As a door flings open two Marines rush in with their weapons drawn and pointed forward. The second Marine through the door shoulder-checks it, to force it to remain open.

They shout one after another: “Left side clear!” “Right side clear!”

The training stops. Gunnery Sgt. Joseph Alvarez calls the two Marines out of the room. He critiques their techniques, gives them feedback and makes them do it again.

Afghan Police Give Lives Defending Kabul

Video by NATO Channel

Pakistani Officials Say Army Will Not Go After Haqqani Network

Pakistani officials said Monday that the nation's military will not launch an offensive against the terrorist Haqqani network, despite growing pressure from Washington to do so.

CNN quoted an unnamed Pakistani military official as saying the military had decided not to target the Haqqani network. He said it is stretched too thin battling militants in northwest Pakistan and “not in a position to undertake an operation at this point” to take on the Haqqanis, who are believed to be based in North Waziristan.