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Samuel B. Roberts Graduates 25 Mauritians at APS East Hub

USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG 58) graduated 25 officers from the Mauritius Police Force during Africa Partnership Station (APS) East´s hub in Port Louis, Sept. 9.

Commanding Officer Cmdr. Angel Cruz presided over the graduation ceremony along with Political Officer David Campbell of the U.S. Embassy to Mauritius.

Combat controller buried, had "heart of a lion"

The last of three Airmen, who died in an Aug. 6 helicopter crash in Afghanistan, was buried at Los Angeles National Cemetery here Sept. 10.

Staff Sgt. Andrew Harvell, an Air Force Special Operations Command combat controller, was one of 30 Americans killed in action when the CH-47 Chinook they were flying in crashed in the Wardak province of Afghanistan. Two other teammates, pararescuemen Tech. Sgts. Daniel L. Zerbe and John W. Brown, were buried in separate ceremonies in August at Arlington National Cemetery, Va.

The art of anti-armor warfare: 3/3 ‘Missile Marines’ prepare for enemy by shooting TOW, Javelin missiles

Cloaked by darkness in a silent wilderness, two teams of anti-tank missilemen itched with anticipation to reign destruction from afar.

Time passed and each Marine received his turn to fire. The surrounding world evaporated as they climbed into the tactical vehicle’s turret. They mounted and prepared their deadly weapon, gripping it with purpose and sighting in through lenses of adrenaline.

Armed citizens respond: Their safety is THEIR responsibility

Armed citizens say personal safety is a personal responsibility

Increasing numbers of American citizens, including more than 340,000 here in Washington, have armed themselves and are swelling the ranks of those officially licensed to carry because they understand that their safety is ultimately their personal responsibility.


Article by Dave Workman

Kabul Attack

Video by NATO Channel

A mother's silent pain - Montagnard mother defied Hanoi until the end

Ksor H’Ble was over 80 years old when she passed away on 18 August 2011. In recent years she has been attacked, beaten and harassed by Vietnamese security forces on a regular basis simply because she was the mother of Mr. Kok Ksor, the president of the Montagnard Foundation. Ksor H’ble lived in Vietnam and her son Kok Ksor lived in the United States. They last saw each other in the mid 1960s. Still, decades later, the Vietnamese communists continued to seek her out.

4 Dead in Pakistan School Bus Shooting

Pakistani officials say gunmen have attacked a school bus in northwest Pakistan, killing four children and the driver.

At least 16 other people, most of them children, were wounded in Tuesday's attack near the city of Peshawar, close to Pakistan's border with Afghanistan.

Police say militants first aimed a rocket at the school bus and missed, then opened fire. The bus was taking children home from school at the time.

Nigeria Pursues al-Qaida Affiliated Terrorists Behind UN Bombing

Nigerian security services are hunting for those behind last month's bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Abuja that killed 23 people. Muslim fundamentalists who claimed responsibility for the bombing said they are fighting for an independent Islamic nation in northern Nigeria.

Nigerian authorities blame the car bombing of the U.N. headquarters in Abuja on an alleged terrorist named Mamman Nur, who they believe trained with al-Qaida-affiliated al-Shabab militants in Somalia.