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When the Lance Corporal Met His Match Against Gummy Bears

by Mitchell “Taco” Bell Back in 2005, I spent a tour living in an old Iraq bathroom in the control tower on Al Taqqadum airbase.  Great place, you get a bit smell tone deaf to the room, but it was better than tent living. We received a ton of care …

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‘Pyro’ Was Famous for Sprinting Through the O-Club With a Flaming Newspaper Tucked In His Butt; And Then Came the In-Flight Emergency

by Mitch “Taco” Bell The Marine KC-130 was flying over the chilly North Atlantic at 25,000 feet, taking my crew to Keflavik, Iceland. There was a layer of clouds about 10,000 feet below us hiding the cold water and howling winds. This was a milk run from Mildenhall, England, to …

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