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China’s Espionage, behind the scenes of the Cheating Game

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Made in Beijing: The Plan for Global Market Domination (Trailer)

the Goal to control entire supply chains and manipulate global and domestic market conditions.

The FBI’s Office of Private Sector, Counterintelligence Division, and Training Division created a trailer for a 30-minute film entitled  Made in Beijing: The Plan for Global Market Domination. The film uses interviews with executives from victim companies to create a compelling narrative for the private sector and help them protect their intellectual property against industrial espionage by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The trailer provides a sneak peek into the industrial espionage that can strike any company—from large, sprawling established entities with numerous subsidiaries to small “Mom and Pop” businesses with a handful of employees. The threat can come from any direction—from a long-trusted employee, to cyber-hackers, or individuals stealing precious trade secrets an Iowa cornfield.

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