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Rebels during the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin, Ireland

The Easter Rising of 1916 Paved the Way For the Independent Irish Republic

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In Dublin, Ireland, on Easter Monday, 1916, nationalists proclaimed the establishment of the Irish Republic. Along with some 1,600 followers, they staged a rebellion against the British government in Ireland.

During the Easter Rising, the rebels seized prominent buildings in Dublin, including the General Post Office, and clashed with British troops. Within a week, the insurrection had been suppressed and more than 2,000 people were dead or injured. The leaders of the rebellion soon were executed – and some escaped.

One of the rebels, American-born Eamon de Valera, was sentenced to death. He served only a brief prison term, and went on to become one of Ireland’s leading political figures, with a career spanning half a century.

The executed leaders were hailed as martyrs. In 1921, a treaty was signed that in 1922 established the Irish Free State, leading to the modern-day Republic of Ireland.

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