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Anti-Taliban Resistance Forces Vow to Keep Fighting in Afghanistan

by Susan Katz Keating Anti-Taliban fronts are spreading beyond Panjshir and into other areas of Afghanistan, even as the Taliban pledged to shut down the resistance entirely by early September, opposition fighters said. “The front is expanding,” one resistance fighter told Soldier of Fortune from inside Afghanistan. “We will not …

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Russian Soldier in Kharkiv: ‘Everything is F*cked’ as Ukraine Forces Surround His Unit

Russian soldiers say they are surrounded in Kharkiv Oblast without food, water, or coms, according to intercepted communications that were published by Ukrainian intelligence. “Everything is fucked,” one soldier tells another in one clip. “We’ve got nothing left now. No water, no food.” He and another soldier talk about a …

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Surrounded by Taliban: War Correspondent Hollie McKay’s Harrowing Tale From Afghanistan

by Hollie McKay Editor’s note: Journalist Hollie McKay and photographer Jake Simkin were inside Afghanistan in August 2021. They documented the fast-moving events of the day, and were caught inside the country when the Taliban came to power. This is an excerpt from their forthcoming book, Afghanistan: The End of the …

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In Ukraine, Two US Army Veterans See the New Face of War

By Liam Collins and John Spencer Editor’s note: Authors Liam Collins and John Spencer are U.S. Army veterans and urban warfare experts. Collins is a retired Special Forces colonel, and won the Best Ranger competition in 2007. Spencer is a former Ranger Instructor who served 25 years as an Infantryman (you …

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With Ukrainian Forces in Donbas: Soldier of Fortune Video From Downrange

by Owen Thorne Here’s a look at Ukrainian forces using a U.S.-supplied Howitzer against Russian opponents in Donbas. Video by Owen Thorne Please leave this field emptySubscribe to the Soldier of Fortune Newsletter Enter your email below to receive exclusive content from Soldier of Fortune right in your inbox. Email …

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Alone Against the Taliban: Mad Dog Platoon and the Battle of OP Nevada

by Susan Katz Keating The Soviets called it Chernaya Gora: Black Mountain. That is where a unit of elite Spetsnaz forces met their deaths in Afghanistan, atop a remote observation post overlooking Kunar. I learned about the treacherous place in 2015, while researching an article for the Army National Guard.  …

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Russia Moving Military Equipment Via Makeshift Ferry Across Dnieper River

Russia has begun using a makeshift ferry crossing to move military equipment across the Dnieper River to supply forces holding the occupied Ukrainian city of Kherson as Kyiv’s forces press forward, an examination of satellite imagery by Schemes shows. The crossing first appeared in images taken on August 1 by the private …

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Donbas Fighting is ‘Just Hell,’ Zelensky Says

The battlefield situation in the eastern Donbas region is “just hell,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said, noting that despite U.S. supplies of rocket artillery, Kyiv’s forces have not been able to overcome Russian advantages in heavy guns and manpower. The imbalance is “very much felt in combat, especially in the …

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What Are Ukraine’s Chances to Recapture Kherson?

Controlling Kherson would mean controlling the water supply to Russian-occupied Crimea. Ukrainian forces are continuing to advance towards Kherson, one of the most important cities lost to Russia so far in the war. As they advance through the countryside towards the southern port city, the Ukrainians have reportedly destroyed some …

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