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The Bachelor Party: A Marine Raced Against Time to Detach a Stripper From His Camaro

by Al Hagan In the early 1980s, I was in the Marine Corps, and a friend of mine who had gone into the Armywas getting married. We’d grown up together, and so I and others – lots of military – journeyedback home for the occasion. Naturally, this required a combination …

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Loose Inside a Plummeting Huey: ‘My Feet Were In the Slipstream; My M-60 Was Going Out the Door’

The Marine next to me started screaming, which I could clearly hear over the engine and wind noise  by Al Hagan As a Marine Corps lance corporal, I was going through helicopter training at Camp Lejeune. Our bird lands, we jump on, and I find that my seatbelt is adjusted …

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‘Send Me’: A Fitting Love Letter to Shannon Kent, Elite Warfighter Killed by Suicide Bomber

BOOK REVIEW by Susan Katz Keating When Marty Skovlund Jr. told me a while back that he was working on a book about Navy cryptology tech Shannon Kent, I made a note to myself to look for the book when it was published. Within the special operations community, Shannon’s name …

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One Angry Rhino, Three Rookie Trackers, and Trouble in Africa: ‘She Wants to Gore Us’

The world of anti-poaching is difficult and dangerous. Especially when you come face to face with an enraged rhinoceros. by S. Anderson I’ve always been fascinated by the African Bush. Lions, Leopards, Cape Buffalo, Elephant, and Rhino. The Big 5. Endless rolling hills, dense bush, and undisturbed ecology. Growing up, …

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WATCH: Army PsyOps Ghost Characters Go Dancing

A previous Army PsyOps ghost-clown recruiting vid, Ghosts in the Machine, was so offbeat and effective, it tore up the ‘net. The 4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne) got high props for creeping people out at a whole new level. Now, some of the video’s same characters are back, dancing through …

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An Infantryman Comes Home From War

by Heath Hansen March 2006. My tour was over. I had survived. No more fire-fights. No more IED’s. No more raids. No more rocket-attacks. I was going home. Many servicemen spend time in-country without ever leaving “the wire.” As an infantryman, I basically lived outside the wire. Being shot at, …

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The Sands of Agadez: Where a Woman Knows More Than She Should About Gun Lords and Mercenaries

by Carl Hancocks For the past four years, the city of Agadez has been what could barely pass as home for a woman without a name. Nigerian, she fends for herself as a sex-worker, but that was not how she arrived in this place. Her story is that of a …

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‘With My Shield’: The Story of an Army Ranger in Somalia

BOOK REVIEW by Susan Katz Keating It all comes down to the fact that you have to trust the men to your left and right, knowing they are standing fast and will not break on you, just as you are doing for them. – Jim Lechner in ‘With My Shield‘ …

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