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Is This the World’s Deadliest Machine Gun? Meet Britain’s GPMG, ‘The General’

For nearly 60 years, the General Purpose Machine Gun has been the go-to weapon of choice for the British military and it is still in service to this today. The General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) was brought in after World War Two to replace the Vickers Heavy Machine Gun and …

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Tank-Shaped Balloons and Inflatable HIMARS Are on the Rise in Ukraine

The market for inflatable decoy military equipment is on the rise, according to a Czech company that makes fake tanks, guns, and aircraft. After Russia invaded Ukraine last year, production of military decoys has increased more than 100%, according to Vojtech Fresser, who heads Inflatech Decoys. The company has …

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Boeing to Stop Making ‘Top Gun’ FA-18 Super Hornet Jet Fighter

The Boeing company plans to stop producing its F/A-18 Super Hornet, the iconic aircraft that is flown by Tom Cruise’s character Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell in the latest Top Gun movie. Manufacturer Boeing said the fighter jet will stop being made in late 2025 after a final delivery to the U.S. …

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WATCH: The U-2 ‘Dragon Lady’ Spy Plane in Flight

Pilots call it the Dragon Lady because the U-2 is tough to handle when taking off and landing – and isn’t easy to fly at altitude, where thin air at 70,000 feet is a tricky environment. The U-2 airframe that played a significant role during the Cold War appeared in …

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Like Legos for Jets: The World’s First Modular Military Plane

A British firm is developing the world’s first modular military jet that it says could revolutionize the way pilots train and fly. Airlines have used a modular system for decades, but this is the first attempt with a military jet. Aeralis, the company behind the project, shows how the aircraft …

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Russian Heavy Metal: Putin’s Four Main Battle Tanks

by Igor Rozin As the U.S., Germany, and other countries prepare to send armored vehicles to Ukraine, here is a look at the primary types of heavy metal that are found in Russia’s inventory. T-72BM Vadim Savicky/Defense Ministry of Russia  The “oldest” tank in service is the T-72BM ‘Ural’. The …

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WATCH: Insane Unintended First Flight of F-16 Fighting Falcon

So you want to be a test pilot? Be sure to check out this vid of an F-16 high speed taxi test that unexpectedly turned into a first flight. The best part, aside from the safe landing, is the crazy take-off; but we also appreciate the crash truck in hot …

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Kalashnikov vs Stoner: Three Ways the AK-47 Misses the Target

by Igor Rozin The world’s most popular rifle, with 100 million units in circulation, is not without its drawbacks. The AK platform is popular worldwide for its reliability and ease of production. Today, there are roughly 100 million Kalashnikov rifles in 55 countries around the globe. And that’s only those …

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The Rifles of SHOT Show 2023

One of the questions that keeps appearing in our inbox is, “What’s being offered at SHOT Show this year?” In terms of products, the best answer is, “how much time do you have?” Trends are easier to flag. Here are two pertaining to firearms: light and easy, as per the …

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