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New B-21 Stealth Bomber Appears in Flight: Air Force Shows Off the ‘Raider’

The new B-21 Raider stealth bomber continues its progress toward becoming the backbone of the United States’ bomber fleet. New images of the sixth-generation aircraft were released after a test flight at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Only last autumn, the United States Air Force (USAF) confirmed that the first …

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Russia’s Zircon Missiles: Here’s What They Can Do

Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed previously that he sent a frigate to the Atlantic Ocean armed with hypersonic cruise missiles. Putin said that he had armed a frigate with Zircon (Tsirkon) weapons. Here’s a look at what the missile can do. The Zircon explained. Please leave this field emptySubscribe to the …

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WATCH: How to Destroy a Decommissioned Ship

During live fire exercises off the coast of Luzon, the armed forces of the U.S., Philippines, and Australia teamed up to strike and destroy a decommissioned ship. Watch the process from start to finish.

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Aimpoint’s Acro P-2 Red Dot Sight Will Equip Weapons for Pennsylvania Police

Here’s something to sight in on. Aimpoint, the leading manufacturer and innovator of red dot sighting technology, was selected by the Pennsylvania State Police to supply the Aimpoint® Acro P-2 red dot sight to equip their new official duty weapon, Walther PDP Series from Walther Arms, Inc. Built to exceed …

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WATCH: How to Spot a Sniper Before the Sniper Spots You

“It’s more than putting a bit of grass on your helmet and thinking that’s sufficient camouflage.” Shine, shape, shadow, and more… these are the factors a sniper must consider when working to remain hidden. British Army instructors from 1 Royal Anglian conducted a stalking exercise where six potential snipers aimed …

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Shooting Canada’s Version of the SVD Dragunov, the Type 81 Sporting Rifle – With Russian Scope 

By Royce de Melo Our correspondent has high hopes for his new sniper rifle, but finds that the knockoff Soviet-style Dragunov has a few surprises. As soon as we finished the club’s Saturday morning orientation for new members, I went out the main building’s door and headed to the 300-yard …

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WATCH: The U-2 ‘Dragon Lady’ Spy Plane in Flight

Pilots call it the Dragon Lady because the U-2 is tough to handle when taking off and landing – and isn’t easy to fly at altitude, where thin air at 70,000 feet is a tricky environment. The U-2 airframe that played a significant role during the Cold War appeared in …

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