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The Soldier of Fortune Guns & Gear Gift Guide

by Friedrich Seiltgen Looking for the perfect gift for the firearms enthusiast in your life? Let Soldier of Fortune help out! Here are some gifts for the gun owner to fit every budget. MULTITASKER® TOOLS Shane Keng at Multitasker tools is producing must have products for firearms owners. Their line …

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Oregon’s Restrictive New Firearms Law is Impossible to Enforce, Sheriffs Say

by Greg Walker Sheriff Shane Nelson of Deschutes County, Oregon, pulls no punches when discussing the state’s Measure 114. The measure, narrowly approved last month by voters, is known as the Changes to Firearm Ownership and Purchase Requirements Initiative. The measure is so restrictive that Second Amendment watchdogs have termed it …

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The ‘Liberator’ One-Shot Pistol Secretly Given to Resistance Fighters in World War II

by Robert Ramsour The FP-45 was an unknown and surreptitious pistol developed in WWII to help our captured allies regain control of their country, or province. In order to conceal its real function as a firearm, our government represented this pistol as a flare projector. It was officially called the …

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Can You Spot the Snipers? Test Your Eyes Against Camouflage

Look closely. You may be able to see them hidden in the grass. DoD video by Army SSG Edwin Pierce Please leave this field emptySubscribe to the Soldier of Fortune Newsletter Enter your email below to receive exclusive content from Soldier of Fortune right in your inbox. Email Address * …

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Ukrainian Soldier Drums Up Catchy Tune Atop Weapons Used Against Russian Forces

Ukraine has released a video of a soldier improvising a catchy musical composition using military weapons as instruments. The ad hoc “instruments” are various small arms used by the Ukrainian military to defend the country against Russian armed forces. In the video, percussionist Alexander Seleznov uses chains, a Stinger, a …

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First Look: The PGM Precision ‘Ultima Ratio’ Sniper Rifle Whose Name Was Engraved on French Cannons

by Friedrich Seiltgen Websters Dictionary defines Ultima Ratio as “The Final Argument.” Which is derived from theLatin expression ultima ratio regum (“the final argument of kings”), which Louis XIV hadengraved on his cannons in 18th century France. Thirty-one years after its initial introduction, and after three years of research and development, the PGMPrecision team presents …

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In World War II, a Secret Weapons Factory Was Hidden Beneath British Parliament

It’s a story that’s been mostly forgotten for decades… until now. During the Second World War, British Parliament had a secret war factory underneath the House of Commons. Workshops forming the ‘Westminster Munitions Unit’ were set up in the basement beneath the Central Lobby. British armed forces news cameras have …

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Inside the Russian Army’s New AK-12 Rifle

Russian troops have been training with the new AK-12, the latest iteration of the AK-47 combat rifle. But how is the weapon different? Please leave this field emptySubscribe to the Soldier of Fortune Newsletter Enter your email below to receive exclusive content from Soldier of Fortune right in your inbox. …

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Agilite K19 Plate Carrier: A Perfect Fit for Behind Enemy Lines

by Susan Katz Keating The first thing I want to say about my Agilite K19 plate carrier is this: It fits. Both 5’3 female me, and a 6’0 buffed up male test subject. I was skeptical that Agilite says their carrier is “one size fits all.” For me, that usually …

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