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‘Day of Infamy’ Pearl Harbor Commemorations Include Annual Ceremony of the Blackened Canteen

It is an annual toast to peace. American and Japanese representatives extended the offering Dec. 6 at the USS Arizona Memorial in Hawaii, gently pouring bourbon whiskey from a World War II-era canteen into the hallowed waters below. Please leave this field emptySubscribe to the Soldier of Fortune Newsletter Enter …

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This Afghan Soldier Fled the Taliban, Was Arrested While Seeking Asylum in US

By Allison P. Erickson, The Texas Tribune DEL RIO, TEXAS — Two brothers stand across from each other at the Val Verde Correctional Facility in this border city, speaking reverently through the fixed telephones. They are separated by the visiting room’s thick glass partition, too energized to sit. One brother, …

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Green Berets Train to Survive Mountain Warfare

The mountains above Bridgeport, California, have been home to mountain warfare survival training for Special Forces, Marines, and others. In this frosty vid, Green Berets with the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) partner with United Arab Emirates Special Operations to conduct long range reconnaissance training at the U.S. Marine Corps …

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Wounded and Outgunned, ‘Misfit’ B-17 Crew Flew Disabled Aircraft to Accomplish Vital Mission

History-making missions are often best told in photos, so it’s pretty cool to know that photos were the mission of one of the most highly decorated aircrews in U.S. military history. During World War II, there was a crew with the U.S. Army Air Forces 43rd Bomb Group of the …

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Did Your Tank Flip Upside Down? Here’s How to Get It Back on Track

What happens when your tank turns upside down, or gets stuck in the mud? You pull it out, of course. But carefully. The British Army shows how to proceed… British Armed Forces video Please leave this field emptySubscribe to the Soldier of Fortune Newsletter Enter your email below to receive …

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Escape From Kherson: A Journey Through Bombs and Anarchy

by Aleksander Palikot DUDCHANY, Ukraine — A group of people rushed down a dusty road toward a worn-out white minibus parked by a bombed-out school in this Kherson region village, split in half between Ukrainian and Russian Army control. “Women and children get in; men will need to wait,” Serhiy …

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Anti-War Russian Lawmaker Karpov Wakes Up From Coma After Mysterious Fall

Former Soviet and Russian chess grandmaster Anatoly Karpov, an outspoken critic of the Kremlin’s war against Ukraine, has awakened from a coma following a mysterious fall, according to Russian media. The newspaper Izvestia reported that there is now a “positive trend” in Karpov’s recovery. Additionally, Karpov’s wife, Natalya Bulanova, told the outlet …

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Beyond the Gamma Rays: A Nuclear Blast Would Bring Blinding Light, Searing Heat, and Intense Wind

Vladimir Putin last month assured listeners that, for the time being, he sees no reason to launch major strikes on Ukraine. The Russian president’s lightly veiled reference to exercising nuclear restraint was akin to the class bully promising to not beat up the other kids – yet.  Speaking amid international …

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Escape Through the Mountains: Crossing Into Georgia to Flee Putin’s Draft

by Nadia Beard, RFE/RL KAZBEGI, Georgia — The picturesque road that climbs vertiginously through the Caucasus Mountains leads to Stepantsminda, a small town where traditionally the stylish hotels serve as a starting-off point for holidaymakers, hikers, and the more adventurous climbers. But if you drive farther, passing through Stepantsminda to …

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