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Shooting on the Move: Tactical Training That Saves Lives

  by Gary Paul JohnstonThe benefits of shooting while moving, and other reality training for law enforcement. Traditionally, cops have been trained to shoot while standing still. By now it should be pretty clear where this is going, and going should be the name of the game when the going …

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Virginia Police Officer Nearly Crushed By Runaway Car

A Virginia police officer narrowly escaped death when a vehicle traveling 120 mph slammed into a car the officer had pulled over for a traffic stop. As the runaway BMW M3, driven by a teenager, screeched out of control from the opposite side of the road, the Fairfax County Police …

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As Famine Looms in Horn of Africa, Desperate Communities Pray for Rain

by Joseph Hammond ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — As another year of drought looms in Somalia and famine stalks many rural communities, the prayers for rain have already begun. Horn of Africa faith-based organizations are increasingly playing a prominent role in responding to a potentially massive famine that has received little …

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Hero Dog ‘Shimanski’ Honored for Courage Under Fire, Served Four Combat Tours With Marines

An American multi-purpose canine (MPC) Belgian Malinois was honored for serving four tours of duty with the U.S. Marine Corps and performing at the highest standard.  Shimanski was deployed to Jordan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia during his seven-year career and received the Animals in War and Peace Medal of Bravery for …

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Captured in the Desert: A Soldier’s Misfortune With the French Foreign Legion in Algeria

The French Foreign Legion these days is more exclusive than it used to be. If there is an Interpol notice against you, for example, you won’t get through the gate. A century ago, however, a man who wanted to escape his past and assume a new identity could disappear into …

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Did Your Tank Flip Upside Down? Here’s How to Get It Back on Track

What happens when your tank turns upside down, or gets stuck in the mud? You pull it out, of course. But carefully. The British Army shows how to proceed… British Armed Forces video READ MORE survival tips from the British armed forces Please leave this field emptySubscribe to the Soldier …

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A Nuclear Blast Would Bring Hell on Earth: Blinding Light, Searing Heat, and Intense Winds

by Susan Katz Keating Vladimir Putin last year assured listeners that, for the time being, he sees no reason to launch major strikes on Ukraine. The Russian president’s lightly veiled reference to exercising nuclear restraint was akin to the class bully promising not to beat up the other kids – …

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Wilderness Tracking in Arizona: A Mission Along the Border

by Heath Hansen “I sent the grids; we’ll be heading out by noon on Thursday,” Tim Foley informs me over the phone, before I hit the road. Foley is a grizzled former paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne Division, and leader of the volunteer group Arizona Border Recon (AZBR). For more than a …

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