ATF Agents Raid Amish Farmer, seize guns for selling Firearms

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Leave the Amish people the Hell alone: From Paradise Arms:

“ATF agents, as part of ongoing investigation, executed an enforcement operation at the Cattail Foundry and seized evidence,” on Jan. 12, bureau spokesperson Robert Cucinotta said 

Bearing Arms Reports:

The raid on the property known as the Cattail Foundry took place two weeks ago, with agents carting off an untold number of guns. This week, spoke with Rueben King, who says the guns were all his private property, though he admits that he had also sold several guns.

“This is my business: I’m a dairyman,” he said inside a barn filled with cows as he swept the concrete floor with a pushbroom. He has about 50 dairy cows.

Rueben King said he primarily sold long guns to the Amish for hunting, though he admitted he sold some to non-Amish, too.

“I was not dealing in handguns, positively not,” Rueben King said.

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