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Blackwater’s New Camo Pattern Becker Patrol Pack Blends Rugged With Off-the-Charts Coolness

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Our good friends at Blackwater sent us a preview of their rad new rucksack, the Blackwater Camo Pattern Becker Patrol Pack Mk II. If the model name sounds familiar, it’s because Blackwater made it in coordination with Ethan Becker, a famed knife designer who created the original pack in the early 1980’s.

Becker’s first top loading pack was meant for rugged off-trail use while comfortably carrying up to 50 pounds of “beans, bullets, and water” for three days in the wild. The pack had enough useful features that it became a favorite of some Special Forces and other military, along with avid outdoorsmen. Now Blackwater has produced a camo pattern version that comes with upgrades for today’s packers.

This awesome pack was a collaboration between the folks at Blackwater Supply Works and Bongo Gear, with Ethan Becker giving his approval after being shown a sample of the new pack.

Check out the video, below, for the new Blackwater Becker Patrol Pack. It has off-the-charts coolness factor and the iconic bear paw logo that will make you feel extra rad. Take it from Soldier of Fortune: this is one badass pack.

You can find the pack here, at the Blackwater store.

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