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Canadian Pastor Arrested Again, first for refusing to regurgitate judge ordered forced speech

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Pastor Artur Pawlowski has been arrested once again by police at his Calgary home this morning, just as he was set to leave to speak before a crowd of pro-freedom protesters in Milk River, Alberta.

According to Artur Pawlowski’s son, the arrest was made by an undercover SWAT team that had staked out his home, Rebelnews reported .

The pastor, at first a voice in the wilderness, being vindicated by the latest truck Freedom Convoy has joined in their voices.

DEC 2021 Alberta’s Court of Appeal lifted the compelled speech punishment that Justice Adam Germain placed on Pastor Artur Pawlowski. The previous ruling was to force the pastor to regurgitate Covid’s a life-saving rhetoric.

Unheard of that a judge would force Speech in a so called Democratic country, let alone not protect freedom of speech. His sentence was not jail time as requested by Prosecutors. Rather, fined $23,000 and given 18 months’ probation and 120 hours of community service.

Oct 2021

Pastor Artur Pawlowski who lived through Soviet Communism warned Americans on ‘The Ingraham Angle’ that draconian COVID-19 restrictions he was arrested for won’t stop at the Canadian border, Fox news reported.

The graphics of the horrid degrading way he was arrested fulfill his warnings of recent Communist trends with lockdowns and mandates and forced speech.

For months, he has fought for fundamental freedom of religion rights, making him a target for enforcement. He faces six years in prison. Presently he is facing a $23,000 fine. He had thousands of supporters.

Artur Pawlowski: ‘I have to lie to the public’ to avoid jail for violating COVID-19 restrictions

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