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Operation War Wagon MK 19 Range

MK19 Grenade Launcher

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MK19 Grenade Launcher. The MK-19 has been used since 1968. It is designed to fire 40mm grenades.
The MK19 is a 40mm, fully automatic, blowback operated, air cooled machine gun. Production first began in 1967 for the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. It replaced the hand-cranked MK18. The MK19 is designed for a tripod or vehicle mount and operation. One of the initial applications was for the Patrol Boat, Riverine (PBR).

VIDEO Command Sgt. Maj. Andrew Lombardo demonstrates the Expert Soldier Badge tasks for the MK19 grenade launcher. ???? by Calvin Reimold

Spc. David Gamber, a CH-47 helicopter repairer with B Company, 603rd Aviation Support Battalion, 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, discusses qualifying on a Mark 19 grenade launcher and convoy protection as part of Operation War Wagon, at the Grafenwöehr Training Area, Germany.

  • CARTRIDGE: 40 x 53 mm, belt-fed grenades
  • WEIGHT: 72.5 lb.
  • BARREL LENGTH: 16.25″
  • RATE OF FIRE: 300 – 400 RPM
  • WIDTH: 13.4″


M430 HEDP round will pierce 2” thick armor plate

Maximum Range of 1,500 meters (point target)

Maximum Range of 2,200 meters (area target)

Minimum Range of 75 meters (for safety)

Rapid rate of fire is 60 rounds per minute

Sustained rate of fire is 40 rounds per minute

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