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(U.S. Navy photo by Construction Mechanic 2nd Class Michael Schutt)

Meet ‘Vanilla’: The Ultra-Long Endurance UAV That Flies for 10 Days, Launches 40 Micro Drones

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The Pentagon call it the Vanilla ultra endurance land-launched unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV. Some folks call it a drone on pick-em-up truck.

The aircraft is going through trials in the Indo-Pacific region at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. The new machine is being tested for its potential to supply airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance to the US armed forces.

According to Platform Aerospace, the company behind the UAV, Vanilla Unmanned can carry a payload of 150lbs and travel 15,000 nautical miles. It can carry the full payload for four days, and a 50lb payload for seven days. It can launch 40 micro drones as a swarm. The aircraft also is fully automated, and does not require a runway for takeoff.

Here’s a look at the Vanilla, courtesy of British Armed Forces.

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