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Wagner Group Posts Video of Eiffel Tower Being Toppled in War

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The Wagner Group taunted French President Emmanuel Macron with a video depicting a fictional attack on war-torn Paris.

On a secure messaging channel March 9, the group posted a clip from a video game, showing combat in France.

In the clip, the Eiffel Tower topples. In a message alongside the clip, the channel manager writes in Russian: “Show Macron this game (Покажите Макрону эту игр).”

The post is aimed at Macron, who has taken a stance that surely irritates the Kremlin in regards to Moscow’s war on Ukraine. In recent comments, Macron has said regarding Ukraine: “Currently, there is no consensus on sending troops. But in this matter, nothing should be ruled out in the future.”

Macron added: “We will do everything possible to prevent Russia from winning this war.”

In the video game clip, Paris is doing poorly under fire. The clip is a taunt, but is it also a threat?

People who follow the Wagner Group’s channel enjoyed it immensely, according to their emojis. Our guess is, someone has indeed shown the post to Macron.

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