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HOSTAGE TO HOLLYWOOD SOF Duo Makes Film Debut “AUY SAY, old chaps, there will be no obscene or vulgar language in the studio or on location. A good movie doesn’t have to have profanity, sex or violence.” Boom Boom John Donovan looked at me and I looked at him -the …

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The CIA’s Covert Operations in Laos during the Vietnam War

The CIA’s Covert Operations in Laos during the Vietnam War. Jack Jolis served as a case officer in the CIA, operating the Rascal program out of Lima Site-20 Alternate, or Long Tieng, for much of 1970. These are his recollections, in an interview with British writer, Peter Alan Lloyd  PL. …

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Born to Storm: A Commando In the South African Defence Force

ABOUT BORN TO STORM Herman van Niekerk In training South African 5 Special Forces Commando  The Author: Herman van Niekerk is a highly decorated retired South African Special Forces Colonel. He left the military in 1999 after 27 years service and formed several of his own companies which specialized in security related training and …

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SOF Interview With Cold War Navy SEAL: My Story of Che Guevara, War in Congo….

On October 9th, 1967, Ernesto “Che” Guevara was put to death by Bolivian soldiers, trained, equipped and guided by U.S. Green Beret and CIA operatives. His execution remains a historic and controversial event; and thirty years later, the circumstances of his guerrilla foray into Bolivia, his capture, killing, and burial …

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The Fierce Battle Of Vehicle Patrol Base Kahler: When All Hell Broke Loose

This video is a dramatized summation of events that occurred at Vehicle Patrol Base Kahler in the vicinity of Wanat Village, July 13, 2008. It was created shortly after the battle. THE BATTLE Chosen Company | July 13, 2008 | Vehicle Patrol Base Kahler vic Wanat Village, Afghanistan OPERATION Rock …

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