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Revolver-Style Grenade Launcher Being Used on Front Lines in Ukraine

The latest weapon spotted on the frontline of Ukraine is the six-shot revolver-style RPG-40, a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. The weapon, with a 250mm barrel, was originally ordered for the Polish armed forces but has now found its way into the hands of soldiers in Ukraine. It is a shoulder-fired weapon …

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Blackwater’s New Camo Pattern Becker Patrol Pack Blends Rugged With Off-the-Charts Coolness

Our good friends at Blackwater sent us a preview of their rad new rucksack, the Blackwater Camo Pattern Becker Patrol Pack Mk II. If the model name sounds familiar, it’s because Blackwater made it in coordination with Ethan Becker, a famed knife designer who created the original pack in the …

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Mystery Drones Buzz the Kremlin – Again

by Mike Eckel In late May, for the second time in a month, unmanned aerial vehicles — drones of the sort utilized by militaries, spy agencies, and similar entities — were spotted flying over the Russian capital. If the Kremlin has conclusive proof who is behind it, they’re not showing …

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Wagner Group Aims to Buy Military Equipment Via Mali, US Says

The Russian mercenary group Wagner is seeking to transit foreign military equipment into Russia via Mali, the U.S. State Department said. The Wagner group is trying to obscure its efforts to buy the equipment for use in Ukraine, according to State Department spokesman Matthew Miller. “There are indications that Wagner …

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Snipers Want This Rifle to Use in Ukraine

A sniper rifle has proven so effective on the battlefield in Ukraine that it has become highly sought after by soldiers on both sides of the conflict. The Ukrainian military claims the UAR-10 can hit targets 1200 metres away – more than the 800-metre range of the Russian Dragunov or …

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The FN Reflex Micro Compact Pistol: A First Look

by Friedrich Seiltgen New to the micro compact pistol segment is the FN Reflex, from FN America, the U.S. subsidiary of leading firearms manufacturer FN Herstal. Founded In 1889, Fabrique Nationale was created in order to manufacture 150,000 Mauser model 89 rifles for the Belgian army. A key player in …

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The Weapons of Finland: Here’s What NATO’s Newest Member Brings to the Alliance

Finland brings a significant collection of materiel to NATO, including one of Europe’s largest artillery contingents. Here are some of Helsinki’s most specialized military hardware. F/A-18 HornetThe Finnish Air Force has 62 of these American-made aircraft in service. The aging jets are set to be replaced with 64 latest-generation F-35s, …

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Viral Video Shows Russian Soldier Learning the Wrong Way to Throw a Grenade

A video clip of a Russian soldier in action has sparked laughter on Twitter, for showing what not to do when throwing a hand grenade. The clip was posted by @clashreport, which did not reveal where the action takes place, nor how it obtained the video. Russian soldiers showing how NOT to throw …

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WATCH: The New Flexrotor Vertical Takeoff Drone in Action

The U.S. Navy this month tested a new drone in the ocean between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula. Dubbed by its manufacturer, Aerovel, as “the most advanced Group 2 small tactical unmanned aerial system”, the Flexrotor is no ordinary drone. The Flexrotor boasts some impressive features, according to Aerovel, which …

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