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Biden’s Policy Turned Southwest Border Into ‘Meaningless Line in the Sand,’ Says Federal Judge

The Biden administration has “effectively turned the Southwest Border into a meaningless line in the sand,” a federal judge wrote when ordering the U.S. government to end the expedited releases of migrants who enter the United States illegally from Mexico. The current border is “little more than a speed bump …

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US Sends Weapons to Somalia, Offers Anti-Terrorist Bounty in Fight Against al-Shabaab

by Gatimu Juma The U.S. has stepped up its efforts to counter the al-Shabaab militant group in Somalia, sending more than 60 tons of weapons and ammunition to the Somali National Army and offering a sizable reward to help catch a senior leader of the terrorist organization. More than 60 …

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Texas Officials Sent 3,000 Drivers Licenses to Chinese Crime Group

Texas authorities were duped into sending at least 3,000 driver’s licenses to a Chinese organized crime group that sold the licenses to people who are inside the United States illegally, a top state official said. The scheme targeted Asian Texans, according to Steve McCraw, Director of the Texas Department of …

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Pilot of U2 ‘Dragon Lady’ Plane Took Cockpit Selfie of Chinese Spy Balloon

The pilot of a U.S. Air Force U2S Dragon Lady spy plane took a “legendary” cockpit selfie showing the Chinese spy balloon during its cross-country foray this month through American airspace. The photo had achieved “legendary status” within the US-Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command before the Pentagon confirmed its existence on …

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Attacked by Lasers: An Airline Pilot Encounters a Dangerous Game Over Mexico

by Mitchell “Taco” Bell “Taco” is a retired Marine KC-130 pilot flying for a major airline on the B-737. Here’s what he encountered this month while flying into Mexico. Guadalajara, MX? Yeah, the law there is optional. That is the best comment about having a seemingly coordinated attack on a …

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Kadyrov Aims to Start Chechen Mercenary Band to Compete Against Wagner Group

Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov says he will challenge the Wagner mercenary group, and command his own private military company after he leaves office, according to Russian state media. Kadyrov announced the move Sunday on Telegram, TASS reported. “It can be said already now that Wagner has indisputably proved its effectiveness …

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Another Russian Official Dies After Falling From Window

An employee of the Russian Defense Ministry has been found dead after apparently falling from a high-rise apartment building in St. Petersburg in the latest mysterious death of a senior official. Marina Yankina, 58, was the head of finance and procurement of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Western Military District. The …

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North Korea’s Surprise ICBM Test Involved Missile That Could Reach US Mainland, Japan Says

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — North Korea confirmed that the intercontinental ballistic missile it fired Saturday was the Hwasong-15, which it said was part of a “surprise” exercise to test its war readiness with a “mobile and mighty counterattack.” The ICBM had the capacity to reach the continental United States given a …

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Rangers in the Congo: A Deadly Fight Against Mai Mai Militiamen

Everything became eerily still, until… it blinked. “ENEMY!” Fils screamed. Then all hell broke loose.  by Heath Hansen The sun was just setting on the thick canopy of trees and bushes surrounding their position. It was a long day of humping through the dense growth; but it had been productive. …

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