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Drug Mules and Gunfire: A Moonlit Mission Along the US Border With Mexico

by Heath Hansen Pop! Pop! Distant AK-47 fire pierces the night silence. I’ve been sitting in my spot on this mountain for a few hours when I hear the gunfire. Up until now, I had been plunged into the endless silence of a desert night in the Coronado National Forest. …

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WATCH: Russian Fighter Jet Dumps Fuel Onto US Drone

The U.S. European Command released footage on Thursday of a Russian Su-27 aircraft dumping fuel on a U.S. Air Force drone March 14 over the Black Sea. The incident occurred in international air space. The following is a summary of the video:  00:00: [Start of video] A Russian Su-27 approaches …

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US Slams ‘Reckless’ Russian Fighter Pilots for Dumping Fuel on Drone That Crashed Into Black Sea

The United States blamed Russia for an “unsafe and unprofessional” intercept March 4 by its fighter jets causing a U.S. spy drone to crash into the Black Sea, while Moscow’s ambassador to the U.S. countered that the drone flight was a set-up to spark accusations against Russia. Washington summoned Russia’s …

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The ‘Scorpion 5’ Confess to Deadly Kidnaps of Americans in Mexico

by “Socalj” for Borderland Beat The five men handed over by the Grupo Escorpiones faction of the Gulf Cartel reportedly have confessed to their responsibility for the deadly kidnapping of Americans on March 4 in Matamoros. Mexico’s attorney general, the Fiscalía General de la República (FGR), reportedly has indicted the five men. The Americans …

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This Notorious Bandit Plundered the Old West – Until an Army Camel Driver Crossed His Path

A notorious bandit who plundered California for 20 years may owe his capture to a long forgotten military experiment and an Army camel driver. It had to do with a failed attempt by the U.S. government to settle the west with camels.  Bandit’s betrayer may have been Army camel driver …

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When the KGB Took on the Soviet Police

by Boris Egorov At the end of 1980, on the outskirts of Moscow, a number of Soviet policemen picked an argument with a KGB major. They had no idea what dire consequences the encounter would have for them and the entire Soviet police force.  On the morning of December 27, …

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Arizona Border Recon: We Watched From the Mountains While Cartel Gunbattle Erupted

By Heath Hansen Wedged between rocks, I scan with my binoculars and notice a bunker complex built into the top of theopposite hill. I keep observing and see three men, wearing green fatigues, walking between eachfighting position. All three are armed with AK-47’s. That isn’t Afghanistan. It’s Mexico. I had …

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‘Scorpion’ Cartel Dumped 5 Men After Deadly Kidnaps Brought Heat From the Cops

SOF ANALYSIS, reported by “HEARST,” “Itzli,” and “Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat Angered by law enforcement “heat” brought on by the dramatic kidnapping and murder last week of Americans, leaders of the Gulf Cartel’s Scorpion faction left five men bound at the wrist Wednesday on a street in Matamoros, Mexico. The …

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Biden’s Policy Turned Southwest Border Into ‘Meaningless Line in the Sand,’ Says Federal Judge

The Biden administration has “effectively turned the Southwest Border into a meaningless line in the sand,” a federal judge wrote when ordering the U.S. government to end the expedited releases of migrants who enter the United States illegally from Mexico. The current border is “little more than a speed bump …

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