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Creating The Vietnam Wall Was ‘a Minor Miracle’: Jan Scruggs Credits Veterans for Building Their Own Memorial   

by Jan Scruggs As you readers may know, I started what is now known as The Wall.  The wall gets 5 million visitors a year, according to the National Park Service.  The idea was not complex. We would get a site and build a memorial engraved with the names of “..the men …

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‘The Taliban Are at My Door’: The Whispered Message From a Friend in Afghanistan

by Susan Katz Keating “The Taliban are behind my door.” The whispered words came through the phone in the pitch of night, hours after Kabul fell on August 15, 2021. My friend “Hakim,” a man I had been trying from afar to help leave Afghanistan, called me from inside his …

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VetCare 2023, New Column by Greg Walker: We Must Break the Chain of Military Suicide

Editor’s note: We are pleased to announce that retired Green Beret Greg Walker has joined the Soldier of Fortune team as Contributing Editor for Veterans Issues. Today begins Greg’s column, VetCare 2023. VetCare 2023 by Greg Walker, U.S. Army Special Forces (ret) I was blessed to spend 10 years working …

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Four Marines and a Night on the Town: What Possibly Could Go Wrong?

by Al Hagan The night started off fairly typically, just four Marines in a car, going out on the town to slam down beers. And it was innocent for most of the night, drinking and shooting pool.  I’ll call my companions Mike, John, and Steve, to pick some random names …

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The Enemy Lay Bleeding in Iraq – and the Spanish Photographer Was Watching Our Every Move

by Cliff Wade Iraq, 2007 Every now and again we’d get an outsider attached to our unit on missions. Sometimes they were enablers who proved to be assets, other times they were regarded as interlopers who got in the way. One such instance sticks out in my mind over others: …

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Soldier of Fortune Launches New Shop

You asked, and we answered. Readers have told us they want merch so they can proudly show their support for SOF. Naturally, we couldn’t disappoint! Herewith the new Soldier of Fortune shop, with our very first merch drop. Here’s where to snag some of the coolest stuff around, like the …

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A Hair-Raising Ride in Pleiku: ‘I Scared the Shit Out of My Boss and Didn’t Get Fired’

by James Donzella, The War HorseSomewhere between my 14th and 15th birthdays, my dad taught me to drive a stick shift. He thought it was important that I knew how. My first car was a stick-shift Ford—fast. It earned me several tickets. A few years later, drafted into the Army, …

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The Mortar Team: Our Slow, Easy Day in Iraq Turned Suddenly Deadly

by Cliff Wade Iraq, 2007 Much more often than not, our missions in Iraq were meticulously planned out well ahead of time. However, there were occasions when opportunities were presented that did not allow enough time for applying the proper troop-leading procedures, and we just winged it.  One such instance …

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Inside the Circle of Death, We Got Hit by An IED – And Garrison Bullshit From ‘Old Stinkeye’

By Greg Chabot Note from the author: The following is all from my perspective and how I remember it. Any inaccuracies are on me. Overview I often get asked, “What was the most dangerous mission you went on?” My reply: “Logpack to FOB Warhorse.”  Baqubah in 2004-05 was not a …

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