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Was Ron DeSantis a U.S. Navy SEAL?

Ron Desantis Was Ron DeSantis a U.S. Navy SEAL? That’s a question that frequently appears in the Soldier of Fortune inbox – so often, that we checked for answers. Here’s what we found. A native Floridian, DeSantis graduated with honors from Yale University, and also with honors from Harvard Law …

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Loose Inside a Plummeting Huey: ‘My Feet Were In the Slipstream, and My M-60 Was Going Out the Door’

The Marine next to me started screaming, which I could clearly hear over the engine and wind noise  by Al Hagan As a Marine Corps lance corporal, I was going through helicopter training at Camp Lejeune. Our bird lands, we jump on, and I find that my seatbelt is adjusted …

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Memories of a Moscow Airfield, and the Sad Truth About Shattered Hopes

by Rick Kiernan, The War HorseOn Oct. 28, 1991, I settled into an hours-long commercial flight from Frankfurt, Germany, to Moscow. By year’s end, the iconic Soviet flag would fly over the Kremlin for the final time, silently signaling the collapse of the USSR after nearly seven decades. I didn’t …

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These Sky Soldiers Had to Fight Their Way Out of a Bog Before the Mud Ate Them Alive in Iraq

By John Spencer Editor’s note: This is an excerpt of the book “Connected Soldiers: Life, Leadership, and Social Connection in Modern War” published by Potomac Books and available for purchase at Amazon here. The excerpt describes 2LT John Spencer’s experience jumping into Iraq as a platoon leader with the 173rd …

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‘I Should Have Worried About Dying’: That Time We Crashed the Nuclear Submarine

by Tim Patterson, The War HorseIn the moments immediately after the collision—after an alarm had sounded at 2 a.m.; after the boat had rocked violently to starboard, rolling 45 degrees and back again; after many of USS Philadelphia’s sailors were thrown from their beds; after a DVD player had flown …

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A Bomb in the Briefcase: New Book Shows How Close Iran Came to Unleashing Terror Attack in Paris

Book review by Tom Squitieri There are some who believe nations of the world have been unfair to Iran, that the nation has been maligned, miscast, and put in a corner for economic and political reasons of others. Reading “Diplomatic Terrorism” should put an end to such perceptions and shed …

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Forty Years of Rambo: Here’s a Look at the ‘First Blood’ Trailer From 1982

It started as an indie film, and turned into an international hit that spawned the popular Rambo series. First Blood was released on October 22, 1982, and grossed more than $125 million at the box office. Here’s a look at the first trailer that kicked off the film that turned …

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‘The Lady Captain’ Recruited Only the Best Looking Men For Her Swiss Mercenary Band

Mercenary bands in Switzerland for centuries were much feared by their enemies – and prized by the families that owned them. One group in particular – the Zerlauben family – ran a robust mercenary enterprise during the old Swiss Confederacy, supplying men for the Swiss Guards and other outfits. Family …

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‘Scouts and Raiders’ Paved the Way to Forming the Navy SEALS

SEALS Although not formally founded until 1962, the beginnings of SEALs trace back to when the U.S. military saw a need for a beach reconnaissance force. A coalition of “Scouts and Raiders” were formed in 1942. Today’s Naval Special Warfare operators can trace their origins to the Scouts and Raiders, …

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