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Biden Aims to Ban Certain Kits for Home-Built Guns

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President Joe Biden aims to ban kits for so-called “ghost guns,” and will nominate a former federal prosecutor to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the White House said on Monday. 

Biden’s choice for ATF director is Steve Dettelbach, who will need to be confirmed by the Senate. 

At an event alongside Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, Biden is set to announce his administration’s efforts to address so-called ghost guns, including banning the manufacturing of kits that consumers can assemble themselves to make a gun that lacks a serial number. 

The new Justice Department rule will require that the kits feature serial numbers, and that sellers be federally licensed and conduct background checks on buyers. 

Any store that obtains an already existing “ghost gun” must give it a serial number.

One part of the new rule addresses guns made with split receivers,  to ensure they are covered by regulations requiring serial numbers and background checks. Another section requires gun sellers that were previously allowed to destroy most records after 20 years to now retain the information until they close their business. A shop that closes down will then transfer the records to the ATF. 

Based on a report from Voice of America.

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