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CIA Recruitment Video Asks High Ranking Russians to Get in Touch

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In a nod to the treasure that is HUMINT, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency published a video on Tuesday aimed at well-connected Russians who love their country but not what its leaders are doing.

The cinematic, evocative video features a fictional well placed Russian government worker who loves both country and family. In a key moment against a backdrop of poignant music, the viewer learns that the man has a sick daughter. As the narrator says in Russian, “This is my Russia,” the camera tightly focuses on the hospitalized girl.

The narrator asks in Russian:

“Are you a military officer? Do you work in intelligence, diplomacy, science, high technology or deal with people who do?”

The message continues.

“Do you have information about the economy or the top leadership of the Russian Federation? Get in touch with us.

“Maybe people around you don’t want to hear the truth. We do.”

The main character makes the difficult decision to contact the CIA. He says on video that he and his family “will live in dignity thanks to my actions.”

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The CIA is not aiming to spark a revolt or regime change, one agency official said, but hopes to connect with well-placed Russians who want to help move their country forward.

“Our aim is to provide avenues that are as secure as possible for them to contact us,” the official told The Moscow Times.

The Kremlin did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Soldier of Fortune.

In the video, the CIA tells prospects how to contact the agency.

“If you’re reaching out to CIA to share information about Russia, please do so securely via our portal on the dark web.”

The video also was posted to Telegram, Facebook, and on Twitter.

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