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Review: ‘Left Right Left’ Podcast Highlights US Marines in the Battle of Nasiriyah

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by Greg Chabot

The Left Right Left podcast is a new program hosted by retired Marine SGM Marc Chabot – who happens to be my brother. He started this project with the goal of helping and inspiring others.

In this intense three-part episode on the 20-year anniversary of the battle of Nasiriyah, Navy Cross recipient JD LeHew SGM USMC (Ret) discusses the battle in detail. He also talks about the actions that earned him the Navy Cross. Chabot also adds to the narrative from his perspective.

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They pull no punches in describing the battle along with the chaos and carnage that only combat veterans will understand. In one of the tougher moments, JD goes into detail about finding the remnants of the 507th maintenance company that was ambushed with heavy casualties, and prisoners taken by Iraqi forces. LeHew dispels the myth that the 507th was unprepared and didn’t put up a fight.

Chabot gives a good account of what was happening in his sector during the fight to take and hold the bridges across the Euphrates River to allow the coalition to advance on Baghdad. This earned him the Bronze Star with Valor.

Later in the podcast, JD discusses his post service life and his work with History Flight which works to recover and bring MIAs home from all wars. When Covid caused things to shutdown, JD and other retired Marines embarked on their walk across America along Route 20, the longest road in America, that runs 3,365 miles from Boston to Oregon. It was an interesting journey that I found very informative.

If you are looking for a no bullshit account of the battle of Nasiriyah and the spirit of the American Warrior class, this episode is for you.

Greg Chabot served in Iraq 2004-2005. He is a freelance writer living in New Hampshire. He frequently contributes to Soldier of Fortune.

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