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Four Pumpkins Concealed 136 Condoms Filled WIth Liquid Meth: A Pharmaceutical Find at the Border

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Officers from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office recently encountered Halloween decorations that were not what they seemed. Officials from the Eagle Pass CBP in Texas opened the gourds, and found them filled with $402,196 in liquid methamphetamine – stored inside condoms.

“Our frontline CBP officers have seen just about everything and this Tuesday was no exception as they encountered liquid methamphetamine hidden within pumpkins,” said (Acting) Port Director Elizabeth Garduno, Eagle Pass Port of Entry. “They utilized their training, experience, interviewing skills and uncovered a rather novel narcotics smuggling method in the process.”

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On Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2022, CBP officers assigned to Eagle Pass Camino Real International Bridge encountered a 2012 Ford Escape arriving from Mexico. A CBP officer referred the vehicle for further inspection.  After conducting a thorough secondary examination, officers seized a total of nearly 44 pounds (19.84 kg) of alleged liquid methamphetamine concealed within 136 condoms inside four pumpkins within the vehicle.

Officials seized the narcotics, vehicle and turned the driver and passenger over to the custody of Maverick County Sheriff’s Office deputies for further investigation.

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