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T-72 tank in Russia

Missing From Action: Russia’s T-14 Armata Tanks Remain Stalled in Production

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Photo and video images from Ukraine depict scores of Russian T-72 tanks inside the country, in various states of functionality. But where are Russia’s supposedly top line T-14 Armata tanks?

Even before the war, observers noted that the production of the new Armata was not going according to schedule. The main reason was lack of funding.

The dearth reportedly was not caused by military conflict nor sanctions, but from a lack of interest from Russian partners.

“The T-14 Armata was expected to completely change the world’s tank market,” writes Boyko Nikolov at “India, Pakistan, Egypt, and other Russian customers have been linked to the purchase of thousands of such armored vehicles.

“To this day, no real request for a price from a foreign client for the T-14 Armata has arrived,” Nikolov adds. “The probability that this project will be included in our list of Promising Russian Weapons That Remain Unproduced is already quite high.”


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