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The Rifles of SHOT Show 2023

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One of the questions that keeps appearing in our inbox is, “What’s being offered at SHOT Show this year?” In terms of products, the best answer is, “how much time do you have?” Trends are easier to flag. Here are two pertaining to firearms: light and easy, as per the manufacturers’ descriptions.

This year, several gun makers are offering rifles that they describe not as comparatively light, but as actually light. 

One that jumped out at us is the Little Badger Take Down Xtreme, from Chiappa Firearms. Calling to mind a walking stick with its spare design, it weighs in at 2.9 pounds. But this clearly is no walking stick. The manufacturer describes it as “the ultimate packable survival gun” that folds down to 17” in length. It features a shell holder that carries 12 cartridges; an M1 Carbine-style front and rear sight; and several Picatinny rails to accommodate add-ons.

Definitely NOT a walking stick

Plenty of other firearms designs are on tap from manufacturers presenting their offerings at the show. The folks at SHOT have compiled a briefing of sample new rifles for 2023. Check out their list. And keep those questions coming, to [email protected].

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