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Soldier of Fortune Stands By White House Cocaine-Fingerprints Report: Publisher Susan Katz Keating

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by Susan Katz Keating

Less than 24 hours after Soldier of Fortune reported that investigators found fingerprints on a packet of cocaine that was abandoned inside the White House, the U.S. Secret service announced on Thursday that it will close down the investigation for lack of leads.

The announcement directly contradicts what my trusted sources told me and continue to say. 

The timing of the July 13 announcement from the Secret Service is curious. The agency could have said last week that neither fingerprints nor DNA evidence were found on the cocaine packet. Instead, officials waited to reveal that information until after Soldier of Fortune wrote that the evidence exists.

I stand by our report. I restate the findings, below.

Officials at the White House know who handled a packet of cocaine that was found inside the Executive Mansion, and have confirmed that finding via fingerprint evidence, according to the sources with direct knowledge of the investigation. 

“We know who handled it,” one security source said. “We’ve known since last week.”

Anyone who wants to report direct knowledge of the cocaine incident can send a message through this whistleblower portal at the House Oversight Committee.

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