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As part of Gov @GregAbbott_TX #OperationLoneStar, @TxDPS Trp’s are patrolling vast ranch lands & arresting illegal immigrants who are trespassing on private property. @TxDPS is committed in protecting property & ensuring public safety for the citizens of the Lone Star State.

Watch: Officers patrolling ranch lands & arresting illegal immigrants who are trespassing on private property

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Live: Illegal Immigrants at the border

Lieutenant with the Texas Department of Public Safety – South Texas Region LtChrisOlivarezThis video captures the reality on illegal immigrants who are trespassing on private property, and avoiding detection. @TxDPS is truly the last line of defense in taking action & arresting illegal immigrants.

Governor Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star also extends to the West Texas border. Today, a DPS Trooper stopped a vehicle for expired registration, and discovered drugs and 9 migrants inside. The driver, from New Mexico, was charged with human smuggling.

Construction of strategic fencing continues along the Texas-Mexico border. Miles of razor wire is being used to repel illegal immigrant crossings into our state. Progress is being made on our border wall. Texas is securing the border.

Border Wall Funding Donations

As of November 2, 2021: $54,384,073

While securing the border is the federal government’s responsibility, Texas will not sit idly by as this crisis grows. Texas is responding with the most robust and comprehensive border plan the nation has ever seen.

Governor Greg Abbott

Open-border policies have led to a humanitarian crisis at our southern border as record levels of illegal immigrants, drugs, and contraband pour into Texas. The State of Texas is working collaboratively with communities impacted by the border crisis to arrest and detain individuals coming into Texas illegally. Our efforts will only be effective if we work together to secure the border, make criminal arrests, protect landowners, rid our communities of dangerous drugs, and provide Texans with the support they need and deserve.

June 2021 Governor Greg Abbott:

Drugs, gangs, & human traffickers are no laughing matter—nor a photo op for Congress.

TX is undertaking an unprecedented response to this crisis. We’re going to start making arrests — sending a message to anyone thinking about coming here — you’re not getting a free pass. You’re getting a straight pass to a jail cell.

The border crisis is no laughing matter. It’s also not a tourism site for members of Congress to make an annual pilgrimage to see & then do NOTHING about.

Today’s Border Security Summit kicked off our comprehensive border security plan to crack down on unlawful border crossings.

The Border Summit highlights:

Disaster declaration — individuals entering TX illegally subject to arrest

Task Force

Approving over $1B in funding for border security

Building border barriers

Interstate compact powers

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