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Wounded Russian Soldiers Being Sent Back to Fight in Ukraine

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Russian soldiers, mercenaries and militia fighters are being returning to the battlefield in Ukraine with untreated wounds and even after limb amputations, according to the British Ministry of Defence. This comes at a time when Russia is suffering a shortage of healthcare workers who fled the country in order to avoid the draft.

It was highly likely that members of the Russian armed forces were returning to active duty despite not receiving any medical treatment, the MOD said.

“This follows credible reports that members of Shtorm-Z, Donetsk militias and Wagner Group have frequently received minimal or no treatment,” wrote the MOD on the social media platform X.

Shtorm-Z refers to Russia’s punishment units that are often used as assault troops during the war in Ukraine.

“Members of Russian Shtorm-Z units are highly likely being returned to combat duties with unhealed wounds, and even after limb amputations,” the MOD added.

“It is likely that convict recruits – who make up a large proportion of Shtorm-Z units – are especially liable to receive poor treatment. One reason is that prisoners often lack the paperwork required to access military hospitals.

“Whilst reducing pressure on an overburdened military medical system, the lack of proper in-theatre medical attention will transfer the administrative and medical burden back to troops’ home units.”

Shortly after the Russian military was mobilized in September 2022, healthcare professionals were warned not to leave the country, the MOD said, adding that around 2% left anyway. Russia is believed to be suffering very heavy casualties in Ukraine, having lost approximately 350,000 troops since the invasion began.

According to Ukraine, November 2023 saw Russia lose an average of 931 personnel per day.

The mercenary Wagner Group has also been accused of using troops in suicide wave attacks against Ukrainian lines.

– British Forces Net

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