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A Solemn Promise: Missing in Action

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America has over 83,000 Missing in Action Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. This film trailer gives us a poignant look at the families of these MIAs. All have sacrificed brothers, fathers and sons to America’s wars. Often these families go an entire lifetime without knowing how or where their loved ones were lost.

Every American sent into combat is told, “You will not be left behind”.

The U.S. is the only country that makes this promise. We never stop looking for the 82,516 that are still missing and unaccounted for from America’s wars beginning with World War II.

Film producer, Richard Jellerson of Storyteller Original Films, is in the final stages of completion on a documentary film that has been an obsession with him since beginning the project 4 years ago. The film entitled, “A Solemn Promise, America’s Missing in Action”, focuses on the stories about America’s ongoing worldwide efforts to locate, identify and return each of America’s fallen military members to their families for burial with full military honors on American soil.

Jellerson has announced that the “unveiling” of the film on Friday, September 15, 2017, which is America’s National POW/MIA Recognition Day. The venue chosen for the first presentation of the film is at an event entitled The Ride Home. It is the largest gathering of multi-generational Former Prisoners of War and Missing in Action families. The event, in its 15th year, will feature the film during its Heroes Banquet being held at Central Georgia Technical College, Warner Robins Campus. The Ride Home was started in 2002 by the Florida and Georgia Chapters of Rolling Thunder.

Jellerson is a former Vietnam War helicopter pilot who served in combat on his first tour. On his 2nd tour he served as personal pilot for General Creighton Abrams, the U.S. Commander in Vietnam. Experiencing several losses himself in Vietnam, he says, “Especially close to my heart are those military families whose loved ones served around the world and are not yet accounted for.”

“This truly is an American story,” he says, “that tells about the extensive procedures our country goes through searching for, identifying, and returning our still missing fallen warriors.  This moving story unfolds through personal interviews with the families of our MIAs.


NEW FILM…Our Keeping the Promise service Friday evening will consist of the introduction of this documentary film by its creator, Richard Jellerson.

This will be the National Premiere of this film.

Central Georgia Technical College

The film will witness the incredible lengths our country goes in order to find and identify our warrior’s remains. These amazing, often highly hazardous searches are performed in our old war zones and fields of combat by an organization known as DPAA: “Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency”, their motto is “Fulfilling our nation’s promise”.

“As I have previously reported, Richard is putting the finishing touches on A Solemn Promise, America’s Missing in Action and then he will be heading to Georgia to Premiere the film before a gathering of several hundred former POWs and MIA families at The Ride Home Heroes Banquet that will be held on Friday night, September 15th in Warner Robins, Georgia,” from the producers 
As you also know, the 15th of September is National POW/MIA Recognition Day in America which is an especially important day considering this emotionally impactful film about America’s POWs and MIAs.

Directed by Nicholas Wright

Written and Produced by Richard Jellerson

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A Solemn Promise

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