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Did the Execution of Jesus Spark the Beginning of the End of the Roman Empire?

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COMMENTARY by Susan Katz Keating

On Easter weekend, I tend to think secular thoughts to go with the religious holiday. The purely secular portion is this: Jesus of Nazareth was arrested and executed for treason against Rome on this weekend, around 33 AD, according to the Gospel accounts. 

Was this the beginning of the end of the powerful Roman Empire? It’s too soon to tell. We still need to sift through all the contributing factors. This is challenging while we remain in the throes of Rome’s undoing. 

The factors include military and economic woes, and the strains of maintaining a far-flung empire. Rome was plagued by significant internal problems, as well.

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I have a relevant touchstone that reminds me to keep the secular world in perspective. My cousin the coin dealer gave me two ancient Roman rings. One is tucked away in a treasure box. The other is on my finger. I wear it as a reminder that all is both fleeting and constant. The Roman Empire fell, but the legacy endures.

How much longer before our own grand achievements in turn crumble, and some future people decide what to do with our artifacts? If any are left, that is. I see so many parallels between the modern world and year 33 in Judea. It’s enough to make me want to turn off my brain, just for the weekend. Here’s wishing a lasting Easter peace to all.

Susan Katz Keating is the publisher and editor in chief at Soldier of Fortune.

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