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Why is Gaza Running Out of Everything But Weapons? Questions for Hamas, and a Plea for Journalists

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COMMENTARY by Susan Katz Keating

Hamas has much to explain regarding its recent actions in Israel, and the press needs to hold the group accountable. Both truth and morality demand it. But when covering the current situation in Israel, many of my journalist colleagues accept as fact what Hamas writes in its press releases. Even though Hamas has been proved wrong on major claims, such as the one about the missile that misfired from Gaza into a hospital parking lot, a number of journalists still simply repeat what Hamas says. Or, worse yet, they support the terrorists. A half-dozen BBC reporters in particular come to mind.

Among those who accept at face value the claims from Hamas, I would like to know, how many of you have actually spoken to reps from Hamas? Not the lobbyists and influencers here in the West, but reps from Hamas itself? I repeatedly have tried to reach Hamas leaders to pose a list of questions. At first, they did not respond. Now, their servers refuse my emails. I still have questions, though. I share them here in hope that other journalists will ask them.

Questions for Hamas

1) Why is Gaza running out of everything but weapons? 

2) You claim that your brutal attacks on Israelis are caused by mania stemming from perceived transgressions. If you are entitled to mania, why are Israelis not entitled to being enraged by your vicious attacks that defied both humanity and the laws of war? 

3) Under international law, when a civilian structure is used for military purposes, it becomes a military target; please explain why you stage your military operations from inside civilian structures, and then complain when Israel (after warning people to leave) targets the structures? 

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4) Please give a forensic accounting of how you spend the humanitarian aid money that is meant for civilians. 

5) Please explain what happened to the UN-supplied fuel that was meant for civilians, but was diverted to Hamas on October 16, 2023. 

6) About 90% of the water inside Gaza comes from Gaza; why, then, would it be a problem if Israel does not supply the remaining 10%?  

These questions are just the start of a long list. I implore my colleagues to ask them. And please keep in mind: You have a moral compass. Now is the time to use it.

Susan Katz Keating is the publisher and editor in chief of Soldier of Fortune.

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