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Mail Drop: Vomiting in the Balkans, Choking on Relish, and More

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Mail drop! Here’s the latest peek into our inbox at Soldier of Fortune. Send us a note, and you, too, might appear in a future edition of Mail Drop!

Vomiting in the Balkans

Susan: Hey I saw what you wrote about working on a story in Dubrovnik and then vomiting the whole time on the flight out. You said you were like five months pregnant and that’s why you got sick on the plane and you were standing up in the bathroom when you landed. Don’t you think you should have worn a seatbelt and tried not to vomit? – Bucky

Dear Bucky, Yes. ~Susan

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King Arthur

Hi Susan, based on your studies of medieval history, was King Arthur a real individual person, and where did he come from, the Celtic tribes of Britain, or elsewhere in the Roman World? If he was real, do you think we have learned everything there is to know about him? – History Fan

Dear Fan, I don’t know. These legends always come from somewhere, but this happened so long ago, it’s tough to trace the evidence. It’s also hard to predict whether new information ever will emerge. It’s an intriguing thought, though. Thank you for the questions. ~Susan


Dear SKK, Hey I am very concerned about the state of the world. I want to help. I am willing and eager to stand up for the cause of freedom. Where can I connect with the right people? – Eager

Dear Eager, Many who feel like you do have signed up to join their countries’ militaries. If you are an American citizen, you can start by signing up to take the ASVAB exam. That will help to determine if you are a good fit for the U.S. military, and in what capacity. Best wishes, ~SKK

I Am Exist

I am Exist. I am a Code 1201 victim. I refuse to let My enemy live off I or around within among I. – Exist

Dear Exist, You referenced the federal code for kidnap. Please report any kidnapping to the FBI. ~SKK 

Still Need Old Article

Dear SOF, I am still looking for that article I told you about. The one from the late 70’s/mid 80’s. I await your response. – Still Searching

Dear Still, Best of luck with your search. ~SOF


Dear Clifton Leaf, Please let me know what you think of the attached submissions. They are my own work and they are AMAZING and I sincerely suspect readers of Soldier of Fortune would suck them up with relish. – Your Next Writer

Dear Writer, You should never suck relish, you could choke on it. I mean, look what happened to Clifton Leaf.  ~SKK


Dear Mrs. Keating, I am working on a book about cartel operations in the north of Mexico, southern U.S. border areas. I read your stories with great interest. The areas you write about are hotbeds of cartel activity. Please put me in touch with people who work for the cartels. – Thanks

Dear Thanks, You will have to find those people yourself.  ~SKK

Swan Lake

Dear SKK, Re your article on Swan Lake and the situation in Moscow. Great analysis! Beethoven would be proud. – Sammy

Hey Sammy, Thank you for the kind words. The ballet music is by Tchaikovsky, though – we don’t want Beethoven to roll over! – SKK


Hey Susan, I have to admit that I am starting to get a little worried about you and your well-being. Multiple messages have gone unanswered so far. Is everything okay at your end? I hope it is and you’ve just been very busy and tied up with work at your end. Completely understand if that is the case! That said, I would love to find a 30-minute slot on your calendar for us to talk further about this amazing opportunity regarding my company. I look forward to telling you who we are and what we do! I want to answer questions you might have for me, and also go over a list of questions I have about your work, credentials, achievements, etc. You can pick a time on our calendar as per your convenience, using the link below. [Link] Please note that this is a team calendar link and while the system will do its best to schedule a call with me depending on your slot selection, if in case I am unavailable someone else on my team will be assigned the meeting. We truly value your time and will do everything possible to be available to speak with you, based on your schedule. – Worried

Dear Worried, I have no openings. ~Susan

~ ~ ~

That’s all for now. More to come in a future Mail Drop! Send your missives to us, via air drop, carrier pigeon, telepathy (although that’s still not working too well), or to [email protected] ~SKK

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