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MantisX: A Marksmanship Game-Changer

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Here’s a way to dramatically improve your shooting from the comfort of your living room, using technology. Sure, the idea that you could improve your shooting via technology has at least been around since Generation X slapped the “Duck Hunt” cartridge into the original Nintendo NES. MantisX is a game-changer because of its solid data-driven approach.

But don’t take our word for it. The Marine Corps uses the MantisX for every recruit that goes through Parris Island. The Army is currently using it to train Infantry at Ft. Benning, Georgia; and it can be found at many Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers.

What your hobby shooter and government agencies share is a concern about costs. With bullet shortages driving the cost of ammunition through the roof, this system allows shooting enthusiasts to practice their sport from the comfort of their home. While an X2 model is available for as little as $99, the X10 Elite at $249 can be used with a wider variety of systems.

See a demonstration, here, of how it works.

The system can be attached to a rifle, shotgun, or pistol, and the company claims could even work on a rubber-band gun. It also works for archery. The X10 does more than tracking each shot. It offers a wide variety of functions, including holster draw, trigger control, multiple targets and shooting on the move. It can be used for rapid-fire, as well. The system is sensitive enough to even use with dry fire, and it excels.

The package is the size of an iPhone box with two sensors that clip onto the weapon and relay information to your smartphone or similar device.  The

The product comes in a nice travel case in a box so small it could be a smartphone. It takes about 20 seconds to mount or remove the required sensor package. It comes with a USB cord for charging the device.

These allow each individual movement to be recorded. After “firing” 10 rounds, the system picks up on your movements and errors you don’t even know you will be making. The screen shows you what you are doing and suggests an improvement which will likely improve your score. 

Manufacturers claim 94% of shooters improve their shooting with this device, and it provides actionable feedback after just one session. This is a product that is easy to connect to a phone to collect data and works with both Apple and Android phones. Daily challenges from the system help to keep things lively and the user engaged. You can also join groups to compare shooting data.

If you don’t have time or money for instruction but want tighter groupings on the range and fewer trips to the ammo store, the MantisX system is for you.

The system also works for archery

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