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What’s In the Stars For Vladimir Putin? Soldier of Fortune Consults an Astrologer

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Putin’s chart shows a man who knows how to start, but not finish, a war.

by Johnnietwobrows

Editor’s note: While much of the world is using secular means to decode Vladimir Putin and his actions in Ukraine, we at Soldier of Fortune decided to approach the puzzle via one additional method: the metaphysical realm. After all, George Patton, the ancient Romans, the Pentagon, and the Soviets did this; why not us? We asked astrologer Johnnietwobrows to examine Putin’s birth chart, to see what is written in the Russian leader’s stars. The puzzle proceeds from 9:30 a.m. on Oct. 7, 1952, when baby Vladimir was born under a Libra sun. Says Johnnie: “My analysis and predictions below come solely from Vladimir Putin’s birth data and no other source.” 

Born in St. Petersburg in the opening days of the Cold War, Vladimir Putin is a man who believes he’s been through a lot in his life, a man under pressure since birth. In this chart, however, lies a burning desire to publicly exercise power, both in political and military spectrums. 

Emotionally, Putin can distance himself from feeling much of anything. It may be very easy for him to “outthink” his emotions by choosing not to feel them, or at least believe it’s possible. Likely it’s a defense mechanism; information of all kinds makes him comfortable. From this angle, you can see he’s good at information and networking with others, making the right connections. 

Now I know what you’re thinking. Putin was part of his country’s intelligence services since 1975. The previous paragraph is not much of a stretch for even the most casual observer of the daily news, right? Sure. But it goes a lot further than that. There’s very little emotional sensitivity here; it’s not who he is at all, even under the surface. This is not a man easily moved to tears, either of joy or sorrow. Logic-based decision making will usually win out over feelings for him. 

Putin ID card

That’s not to say that Putin lacks intuitive ability, because he doesn’t. My view is everyone is naturally intuitive, but some of us are encouraged to hone and appreciate that skill while many of us are not. Most people ignore it. As such, I’m guessing it was unlikely anyone would have supported a young Vladimir to trust it, considering the Soviet Union’s secular perspective on spiritual/metaphysical matters. Rather, when he does access it, he probably couches it as “logic” or “deduction” instead of assigning it any spiritual ability, but it’s likely he struggles often to choose between logic and intuition. 

He’s much savvier about the big picture than the small one. The shows of force—the parades, the holidays, the fanfare—are the easy part for him because they can be tied to culture writ large. When the losses start to mount, he isn’t concerned because he feels he has a huge supply of war resources.

So where do we go from here?

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Prosecuting a full-scale war will not be an easy task for him. Shorter conflicts to achieve long-desired goals are more his style. Even his choice of words indicates this: The “special operation” can indicate something a lot shorter than a “war,” which can go on for years. 

Despite his recent invasion of Ukraine, he’s much more comfortable responding to what his adversaries do than going on the offensive. He trusts only a select group of people to give him information, and when they told him Ukraine would be easy pickings, he chose to invade. But his birth chart tells the tale of a man who might know the way to start, but not how to finish, a war.

Over the course of the next year, here’s what I would generally expect from him in this campaign:

  • Changing goals and objectives quickly, especially between the end of June and the end of October 2022.
  • Continued struggles to achieve military objectives and project power in Ukraine, especially through mid-January of 2023.
  • If the war still is in progress in April-May of 2023, you’ll see more of the same, with a gradual but visible detachment between Putin and the reality of this conflict.

Johnnietwobrows is a certified astrologer and tarot card reader who has been studying the stars and cards for nearly 33 years, with 13 years of professional astrology practice. He teaches astrology and tarot to private students and lectures regularly at astrology group meetings. 

Want to know more about what the stars say about you? Contact him at [email protected] or look him up via his social media links



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