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Armed Men Send Video Warnings to Rivals and ‘Scumbags’ in Mexico

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As cartel rivalries heat up inside northeastern Mexico, independent protection squads have surfaced in the south, with men from both sectors making videos to warn off “scumbags” and challengers. Writer “Sol Prendido” of Borderlands Beat chronicles their efforts, below.

Chiapas: “We Are Not a Cartel, We’re a Self-Defense Group”

A new self-defense group has risen in the state of Chiapas. 

The battalion of armed men appears on film during daylight hours in a heavily wooded area, denouncing the presence of cartels in the area. 

Additionally, the head of the Municipal Police is called out for his alleged ties to organized crime. 

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View the video from San Cristobal de las Casas over at Borderlands Beat; the translation is as follows.

This message goes out to everyone who wants to try coming into San Cristobal to destroy the peace and form a drug corridor here. We’re hereby advising everyone that the towns of San Cristobal de las Casas, Chamula, and Sitalá are free, autonomous, and we don’t want any cartel group here. 

We are not a cartel. As it is, we have enough to deal with here with the fucking Los Motonetos gang. We’re currently watching everything. For this reason, we, as a defense force, will care for and look after the peace here. In addition, any scumbag that tries to commit chaos with Alejandro aka El Chicle. 

We already know that you’re being supported by director Romeo from the Municipal Police. If you mess with one of us, then you’re messing with us all. You’ve all been warned. And we won’t back down. 

Matamoros: “Lets Welcome These Fuckers With Some Firepower!”

In a May 3 video, at least 20 vehicles can be seen in the background where men in tactical clothing have gathered in a show of force for the camera. All the men are motivated and determined for their plan of action. 

That being the prevention of any advancement from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel gunmen into their territory.

A contingent of armed enforcers for the Cartel del Golfo appear on film under the cover of darkness. The Grupo Escorpión hitmen are spread out across a stretch of highway believed to be an avenue of approach into the city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas. 

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View the Cartel del Golfo video over at Borderlands Beat; the translation is as follows.

Sicario #1: We are the absolute Cartel del Golfo.

Sicario #2: This is what our cartel defends, the city limits. 

Sicario #3: We are the absolute Gulf cartel boss. We are the Grupo Escorpión at your service, at your very service. 

Sicario #4: We are the absolute Cartel del Golfo boss. 

Sicario #5: We are the Grupo Escorpión at your service and ready for that disorder. 

Sicario #6: We are the absolute Grupo Escorpión, the absolute mob for Jefe 19. 

Sicario #7: We are the absolute Grupo Escorpión in service for Jefe 19. 

Sicario #8: We are in service for the Cartel del Golfo. 

Sicario #9: We are the absolute Grupo Escorpión. 

What do the videos signal, and how should viewers interpret them? In one sense, they signal complex power struggles that only the participants fully understand. But they also send one clear message to outsiders: enter cartel territory at your own risk.

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