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Conflict in Ethiopia Moves Beyond Tigray, Sends Refugees Into Addis Ababa

The refugee crisis in Ethiopia extends beyond the northern Tigray region and into the bordering Amhara region, sending displaced people into the nation’s capital, a Soldier of Fortune correspondent reports. “They are coming into Addis Ababa, trying to find food and safety,” correspondent Gatimu Juma tells SoF. “They go in …

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Moscow hopes to end Ukraine assault ‘in foreseeable future,’ Kremlin says

As Russia continues to meet fierce resistance from Ukraine, Moscow seeks to end the assault “in the foreseeable future,” Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. Peskov recently told British television channel Sky News that “the operation will reach its goals or end in talks between Russian and Ukrainian delegation in the …

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The Missile Was Green; Our Blood is Red: Eyewitness Describes Deadly Railway Attack

The missile that killed at least 50 people and injured more than 100 was painted in the colors of the Russian Federation, an eyewitness to the attack told Soldier of Fortune. “The missile was green, and our blood is red,” said Olena Klymenko, who told Soldier of Fortune she was …

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