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‘Thrown Out Like Dogs’: Russian Soldiers Say Commanders Abandoned Them to Live in Holes

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Russian soldiers from the Krasnodar region have taken to social media to say they have been “thrown out like dogs,” and abandoned in the fields of war-torn Ukraine.

The outraged men charged that they are forced to live in holes that they dug with their bare hands. The conscripted soldiers do not have ammunition for their weapons, and have no medicine to treat the sick and wounded.

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“For a month we were being prepared for something, although it’s not clear what for,” the soldiers said. “We were transported back and forth and now it turns out we are somewhere in the fields of Ukraine.

“We are just thrown out like dogs, here, really in the fields. We live just in the field.”

The men are left to their own devices for survival.

“There is no information, no command,” they said. “No radios, no ammunition, no shit.”

The Russian Army, meanwhile, has begun to withdraw its forces from the southern part of the Kherson region, writes the Institute for the Study of War. The U.S.-based think tank announced the finding in its Oct. 21 assessment of the situation in Ukraine.

Russian forces were fairly actively” transferring munitions, equipment, and several units from the western bank of the Dnipro to the eastern, ISW analysts noted, citing sources in the Ukrainian Army. Russia sent 2,000 soldiers to cover the troop withdrawal, the sources said.

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