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Wagner Parody Vid Makes the Rounds, Gets Us Dinged for Posting on Big Social

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COMMENTARY by Susan Katz Keating

Now that all the militias and terrorist groups are getting into the music video game, the parodies aren’t too far behind. One hilarious example shows the joys and pleasures of fighting alongside the Wagner Group. The vid is making the rounds privately, but Big Social won’t let us post it. We got warned and temporarily “demonitized” (or should that be, demonized) for publishing the entire clip on one platform. Yes, we clearly labelled it a parody, but we still got dinged. So we posted it elsewhere.

This one manages to troll the Wagner Group and the Russian army, taking swipes at the “musicians,” and notes (see what we did there?) that Putin’s army is not up to speed.

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Excerpts below show the vibe and portions of the vid.

Who doesn’t love playing the spoons in a field kitchen?

And who doesn’t enjoy being hauled around on a litter after being wounded in action?

Enjoy the laughs for the day. Until the next parody emerges…

Susan Katz Keating is the publisher and editor in chief at Soldier of Fortune.

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