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Legendary Pararescueman Wayne Fisk Receives Prestigious ‘Bull Simons’ Award

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During his 27 years in the Air Force, Chief Master Sergeant Wayne Fisk took part in some of the most daring and critical missions of his time. As an elite pararescueman (PJ), he was involved in the raid on Son Tay Prisoner of War camp in North Vietnam, for which he received the Silver Star. He also took part in the combat rescue of the SS Mayaguez, which had been seized by the Khmer Rouge off the coast of Cambodia.

Now, Chief Fisk has been presented with the prestigious Bull Simons Award, an honor that annually is bestowed by United States Special Operations Command. The lifetime achievement award is named for Colonel Arthur “Bull” Simons, and recognizes recipients who embody “the true spirit, values, and skills of the special operations warrior.”

Watch this tribute, below, to Chief Fisk, in a video that was created in conjunction with the award. The vid contains great commentary from SOF board member and former CIA covert warrior Ric Prado; and also from SEAC Ramón “CZ” Colón-López, the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Both are former pararescuemen, and are well suited to talk about their fellow PJ.

In this video, Chief Fisk talks at length about highlights of his career. His description of how he learned that the secretive Son Tay mission would target Hanoi will give you chills. Salute, and a tip of the red beret to Chief Master Sergeant Wayne Fisk.

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