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Deadly Venom: I Was Bitten by a Black Mamba Snake in Africa

by Gatimu Juma Publisher’s note: Gatimu Juma, who reports from the Horn of Africa, told me last June he was working on a story about the Al-Shabaab terror group. Nearly a year went by, and I couldn’t reach him. Finally he surfaced to tell me where he was all this …

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US Sends Weapons to Somalia, Offers Anti-Terrorist Bounty in Fight Against al-Shabaab

by Gatimu Juma The U.S. has stepped up its efforts to counter the al-Shabaab militant group in Somalia, sending more than 60 tons of weapons and ammunition to the Somali National Army and offering a sizable reward to help catch a senior leader of the terrorist organization. More than 60 …

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As US Troops Return to Somalia, Officials Aim to Ramp Up Fight Against Emboldened al-Shabaab

By Soldier of Fortune correspondent Gatimu Juma Government officials in Mogadishu view the return of U.S. forces to Somalia as a boon to local efforts to fight a resurgent al-Shabaab terror group, sources told Soldier of Fortune. “If all they do is give advice, that’s a tremendous help,” one official …

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Gunfight in Somalia: Attack From al-Shabaab

By SoF correspondent Gatimu Juma Early morning gunfire was the first sign of a deadly assault at a military base about 100 miles from Mogadishu, alerting local residents to the Tuesday attack by al-Shabaab.  Officials and residents near the base said that many dozen Burundi soldiers were killed, and others …

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Jihadists Say They Captured Russian Wagner Fighters in Mali

by Gatimu Juma A Mali jihadist group claimed that it captured a fighter from Russia’s privately owned Wagner military group. “In the first week of April, (we) captured a soldier of the Russian Wagner forces in the Segou region in central Mali,” the GSIM (the Group to Support Islam and …

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Conflict in Ethiopia Moves Beyond Tigray, Sends Refugees Into Addis Ababa

The refugee crisis in Ethiopia extends beyond the northern Tigray region and into the bordering Amhara region, sending displaced people into the nation’s capital, a Soldier of Fortune correspondent reports. “They are coming into Addis Ababa, trying to find food and safety,” correspondent Gatimu Juma tells SoF. “They go in …

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