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Air Force Tech Sgt found dead on Lincoln Memorial steps: His final tortured message

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Mike Litterst, a National Park Service spokesman, said U.S. Park Police reported that Air Force Technical Sgt. Kenneth Omar Santiago, 31 lifeless body was taken “from the Lincoln Memorial plaza to a hospital with a self-inflicted gunshot wound” around 7:25 pm, the Washington Post reported.

Nobody ever knows when their time will come. Even less, ever get to choose that moment. Life always has ups and downs, sometimes you don’t always come out on top.

Kenny Santiago FB

With a heavy heart, If you’re reading this, its because my time has come to an end at my own hands. (Not a joke) this is the last message to my friends and family. Nobody ever knows who is struggling or wagging wars the eye cannot see.

What does chronic depression even look like? They say you’re truly rich when you have family and friends who love you, food on my table and a roof over your head. I have also experience love multiple times in my life, yet I have never truly felt happy with life. On my way out, I can’t help to wonder if I ever made a difference in the world.

Did my insignificant life accomplished anything? I also realized there is not enough time In the world to to say goodbye to friends and family.

My relationship with my best friend and fiance (Taylor) failed. I have tremendous failures in my career. At times I think my close friends just tolerate me. Moreover, I feel truly alone. I always have. For a long time (years) Ive known I would take my own life.

Ultimately, The search for happiness was never ending and I chose to finally be at peace. Taylor was not the reason but definitely losing her robbed me of the one thing that brought me joy. It was a sickness of the mind that defeated me.

Throughout my life I heard how much of a coward move it is to kill yourself. I would argue it took tremendous courage to pull the trigger, it’s a scary process.Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive.

Mom:Please be strong, a mom is not meant to bury their child. My decision is selfish, but I finally will find peace. I hope the little I accomplished in life was enough to be proud of me VISIT HIS FB PAGE FOR THE REST

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