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Russian Millionaire Found Dead in Moscow; Was Sanctioned by US

Millionaire Russian businessman Anton Cherepennikov, 40, founder of the ICS Holding technology conglomerate and who was subject to U.S. sanctions, was found dead in his Moscow office, Russian media reported on July 22, in the latest mysterious death of a prominent individual. The preliminary cause of death was listed as …

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Russian Su-25 Crashes Into Sea of Azov During Training Flight

A Russian Su-25 “Frogfoot” military jet fell into the Sea of Azov on July 17 while performing a training flight, according to officials in Russia’s South Military District. The fall might have been caused by an engine’s malfunction, officials said. The pilot ejected, according to reports on the Mash and …

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Soldiers of Misfortune, Captured in Brazil: Escape, Evasion, and Hiding Out in a Bordello

Editor’s note: We get a lot of emails from men asking us to help them find work as mercenaries. I used to tell them we don’t run an employment agency. Now, I just offer them the inside scoop, and send this story about some soldiers of misfortune who learned a …

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Shooting on the Move: Tactical Training That Saves Lives

  by Gary Paul JohnstonThe benefits of shooting while moving, and other reality training for law enforcement. Traditionally, cops have been trained to shoot while standing still. By now it should be pretty clear where this is going, and going should be the name of the game when the going …

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Virginia Police Officer Nearly Crushed By Runaway Car

A Virginia police officer narrowly escaped death when a vehicle traveling 120 mph slammed into a car the officer had pulled over for a traffic stop. As the runaway BMW M3, driven by a teenager, screeched out of control from the opposite side of the road, the Fairfax County Police …

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As Famine Looms in Horn of Africa, Desperate Communities Pray for Rain

by Joseph Hammond ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — As another year of drought looms in Somalia and famine stalks many rural communities, the prayers for rain have already begun. Horn of Africa faith-based organizations are increasingly playing a prominent role in responding to a potentially massive famine that has received little …

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Wilderness Tracking in Arizona: A Mission Along the Border

by Heath Hansen “I sent the grids; we’ll be heading out by noon on Thursday,” Tim Foley informs me over the phone, before I hit the road. Foley is a grizzled former paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne Division, and leader of the volunteer group Arizona Border Recon (AZBR). For more than a …

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Health Officials Hold Urgent Meeting to Address Deadly Marburg Virus Outbreak

Equatorial Guinea announced its first outbreak of the Marburg virus, a deadly and highly infectious disease similar to Ebola, the World Health Organization said.  World health officials on Tuesday convened an urgent meeting to address the Marburg outbreak. The small central African nation of about 1.6 million people reported nine …

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Breaking the Ice, Coast Guard Style: ‘Polar Star’ Forges the Frozen Waters of Antarctica

MCMURDO STATION, Antarctica — The cracking and breaking of ice on a metal hull can be heard from land as the heavy icebreaker U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star (WAGB 10) enters the harbor of McMurdo Station, Antarctica to move the ice pier out of the way for an incoming …

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