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Stories of Survival

Rescue in the Atlantic Ocean: UK’s Royal Air Force Helps Extricate Sailor From Stricken Yacht

The UK’s Royal Air Force helped rescue a sailor after his boat was stricken and cast adrift in stormy seas far from land. The boat lost its mast in rough waters over the weekend in the Atlantic Ocean, some 700 nautical miles from shore. The RAF headed out on Oct. …

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Air Force Veteran Sully Sullenberger and His Crew Saved the Lives of 150 Airline Passengers

In what will forever be known as The Miracle on the Hudson, Sully Sullenberger and his crew saved the lives of 150 passengers after being forced to splash down in the Hudson River. On January 15, 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 splashed into the Hudson River in an emergency landing …

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How to Survive a Bear Attack

Wildlife experts tell us that bear attacks against humans are rare. And yet, every year, people run afoul of these creatures – usually resulting in a win for the bear, and a loss for the human. Hunting season especially will place more of us in the vicinity of bears. For …

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Build a Fire With Twigs and Branches

How do you cook your food and keep warm in the wild? The British Army shows us how to build the perfect fire. British Army video Please leave this field emptySubscribe to the Soldier of Fortune Newsletter Enter your email below to receive exclusive content from Soldier of Fortune right …

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Plants You Can Eat in the Wild

If you run out of food and game while roaming the wilds, fear not. You’ll still be able to make soup, salad, or something akin to coffee. A British Army bushcraft expert walks us through how to spot and eat these five edible wild plants, commonly found in Western and …

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Navy Fighter Jet Blown Overboard at Sea

The jet is the type of plane featured in the ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ film. An F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet aboard the USS Harry S. Truman blew overboard during heavy weather in the Mediterranean Sea, the Navy confirmed. All personnel aboard the ship are accounted for. It is not clear …

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Shooting on the Move: Tactical Training That Saves Lives

by Gary Paul Johnston The benefits of shooting while moving, and other reality training for law enforcement. Traditionally, cops have been trained to shoot while standing still. By now it should be pretty clear where this is going, and going should be the name of the game when the going …

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D-Day at Normandy: ‘Rock’ Was Lost in Skies Over France

Then-Corporal Kenneth “Rock” Merritt poses for a photo. (Photo Credit: Courtesy Photo) During World War II, Kenneth “Rock” Merritt was aboard a plane that got lost over France. Here are his memories of his experiences in the Army from 1942-45. His words are as follows. … I was sworn into the …

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Soldiers of Misfortune, Captured in Brazil: Escape, Evasion, and Hiding Out in a Bordello

by John Coleman If there’s a lesson to be learned from merc work, it’s this -you are on your own. When you put your trust in others, or rely on outside forces for salvation, you’re buying yourself a one·way ticket to the oblivion of a mercs’ limbo: jail if you’re …

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