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Stories of Survival

Plants You Can Eat in the Wild

If you run out of food and game while roaming the wilds, fear not. You’ll still be able to make soup, salad, or something akin to coffee. A British Army bushcraft expert walks us through how to spot and eat these five edible wild plants, commonly found in Western and …

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Navy Fighter Jet Blown Overboard at Sea

The jet is the type of plane featured in the ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ film. An F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet aboard the USS Harry S. Truman blew overboard during heavy weather in the Mediterranean Sea, the Navy confirmed. All personnel aboard the ship are accounted for. It is not clear …

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D-Day at Normandy: ‘Rock’ Was Lost in Skies Over France

Then-Corporal Kenneth “Rock” Merritt poses for a photo. (Photo Credit: Courtesy Photo) During World War II, Kenneth “Rock” Merritt was aboard a plane that got lost over France. Here are his memories of his experiences in the Army from 1942-45. His words are as follows. … I was sworn into the …

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‘To Hell With the Chain of Command’: Uvalde Police Planned to Defy Orders, Breach School, Officers Say

“And then BORTAC arrived…” by Jose Campos Uvalde, Texas – As anger against local police officials continues to mount inside this close-knit community, individual police officers told Soldier of Fortune they began hatching a plan last week to defy their own commander who ordered them to remain outside Robb Elementary …

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Border Patrol Special Operators Placed Selves Between Killer and Children During Uvalde Rampage

by Jose Campos Uvalde, Texas – Agents from the U.S. Border Patrol placed themselves between the killer and his young targets who were trapped during the rampage Tuesday inside Robb Elementary School in this small Texas town. “Risking their own lives, these agents and other officers put themselves between the …

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Afghan Interpreter Who Was Trampled at Abbey Gate Arrives in America

The Taliban murdered his son and threatened his family. The former interpreter evaded 12 enemy checkpoints, and now has been reunited with the American soldiers whose lives he saved in Afghanistan. They started falling from the above and it took a second for Najeebullah to realize what they were: U.S. …

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Clearing the Ground in Ukraine, One Bomb at a Time: A Briton at Work in the War Zone

Of all the lethal munitions strewn across towns north of the Ukrainian capital, Chris Garrett says perhaps the nastiest are the Bouncing Betty-type mines designed to spring out of the ground and explode at waist-height. Speaking by telephone from the north of Kyiv, the British explosives expert describes the leaping Soviet-designed …

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The Greenland Ice Cap Rescue of B-17 “PN9E” 

By CAPT Donald M. Taub, USCG, Retired On November 5, 1942, a U.S. Army Air Force [USAAF] Douglas C-53 Skytrooper with five men aboard returning from Iceland, reported that it had made a forced landing on the Ice Cap on the SE coast of Greenland somewhere south of the radio …

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VIDEO Capturing This Mountain Was Key During the Battle of Iwo Jima THE WARRIOR’S GRAPEVINE  Excerpt from VETERANs by Pete Mecca I heard it through the Warrior’s Grapevine that a veteran of Iwo Jima lived just north of Monticello, GA.  Scuttlebutt had it that he’d been on top of Mount Suribachi …

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