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Hair-Raising Ride in Pleiku: ‘Scared the Shit Out of My Boss and Didn’t Get Fired’

by James Donzella, The War HorseSomewhere between my 14th and 15th birthdays, my dad taught me to drive a stick shift. He thought it was important that I knew how. My first car was a stick-shift Ford—fast. It earned me several tickets. A few years later, drafted into the Army, …

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The Fire Pit: New Section Featuring Stories of Fortune, Lore, and More

Welcome to The Fire Pit! Our new section is for stories and yarns that you would share while sitting with comrades around the fire. This includes Stories of Fortune; Lore; Book Reviews; and more.  On tap are tales from the longtime SOF gang; from publisher SKK on Cold War adventures; …

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What’s In the Stars for Volodymyr Zelenskyy? Soldier of Fortune Consults an Astrologer

Key dates include August-September 2022; February 2023; and mid-July 2023 by Johnnietwobrows Editor’s note: Astrologer Johnnietwobrows previously examined Vladimir Putin’s astrological chart for SOF, so we thought it only made sense that he also see what is written in the stars for Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The following analysis is based on …

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How The KGB Caught America’s ‘Volkswagen Spy’: A Story of Cold War Espionage

by Amos Chapple A photo album sitting on the shelves of Ukraine’s KGB archives reveals how an amateur U.S. spy was captured more than 60 years ago.  In the summer of 1961, a quiet, serious American student named Marvin Makinen pulled up to the Soviet border in a Volkswagen car. The …

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What’s In the Stars For Vladimir Putin? Soldier of Fortune Consults an Astrologer

Putin’s chart shows a man who knows how to start, but not finish, a war. by Johnnietwobrows Editor’s note: While much of the world is using secular means to decode Vladimir Putin and his actions in Ukraine, we at Soldier of Fortune decided to approach the puzzle via one additional …

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To Be a Sniper: Skill, Opportunity, Luck – and Weapons; Revisiting Words From Chris Kyle

By Chris Kyle, Author of American Sniper Sniper Chris Kyle wrote the following for SOF in 2012, the year before he was killed.  Tested I was not the best sniper in my class. In fact, I failed the practice test. That meant potentially washing out of the class. Unlike the …

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‘I Miss the Battlefield’: A Warrior Longs for the Clarity of Combat

By Jim Lechner Editor’s note: Army Ranger (Ret) Jim Lechner wrote the following hymn to comradeship and patriotism – an essay that reverberates among those who long for the lost clarity of war. A veteran of multiple Special Operations missions, Lechner was wounded in the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu in …

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Soldier of Fortune’s Founder Sells Magazine to Journalist Susan Katz Keating, Passes Torch After 47 Years

By Robert K. Brown After 47 adventure-filled years of publishing Soldier of Fortune Magazine,  I decided it was time to move on to other long awaited projects, including writing books of the SOF adventures. After having given it considerable thought, I am passing the torch to journalist and author Susan …

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The Story of the Sheriff’s Saddle

The Story of the Sheriff’s Saddle Western State Sheriff Association The story of the Saddle It’s a plain saddle, not covered in fancy silver Conchos or a lot of tooling. This is a practical, tough working saddle. The saddle sets empty of a rider, representing that the Office of Sheriff …

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