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To Be a Sniper: Skill, Opportunity, Luck – and Weapons; Revisiting Words From Chris Kyle

By Chris Kyle, Author of American Sniper Sniper Chris Kyle wrote the following for SOF in 2012, the year before he was killed.  Tested I was not the best sniper in my class. In fact, I failed the practice test. That meant potentially washing out of the class. Unlike the …

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‘I Miss the Battlefield’: A Warrior Longs for the Clarity of Combat

By Jim Lechner Editor’s note: Army Ranger (Ret) Jim Lechner wrote the following hymn to comradeship and patriotism – an essay that reverberates among those who long for the lost clarity of war. A veteran of multiple Special Operations missions, Lechner was wounded in the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu in …

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Soldier of Fortune’s Founder Sells Magazine to Journalist Susan Katz Keating, Passes Torch After 47 Years

By Robert K. Brown After 47 adventure-filled years of publishing Soldier of Fortune Magazine,  I decided it was time to move on to other long awaited projects, including writing books of the SOF adventures. After having given it considerable thought, I am passing the torch to journalist and author Susan …

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The Story of the Sheriff’s Saddle

It’s a plain saddle, not covered in fancy silver Conchos or a lot of tooling. This is a practical, tough working saddle. The saddle sets empty of a rider, representing that the Office of Sheriff will have many occupants over time. You will notice that the stirrups on this saddle …

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